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  1. Me...a Charger fan. Read the whole thing please before deleting my post. Thanks.

    Okay, so here we are again talking about the Patroits. Must the conversation always center around the them? Really?

    As I heard the great news about "videogate" unfold a sense of joy overcame me as I realized that I would forever be able to hold a dark cloud over any babbling Boston fan by simply uttering the word "asterisk".

    "And people thought Bill was some sort of genius, and Tom Brady...better than Montana? Right." I thought to myself.

    Then, my mind started to wander..... Didn't Bill just do what we have all done at one point or another when we are playing Monopoly, slipping a few extra hundreds into your stack. Or mysteriously finding your golf ball, just in bounds in the rough? Or fixing a game of "UNO" so Grandma doesn't keep rubbing it in all night.

    At the highest, most competitive level you would expect to come across the most competitive men. And I think that is what Bill is. He is the ultimate sore loser. All great winners are. Winners hate to lose and they will do anything to win, even cheat.

    As a life long San Diegan, I say without shame....if I have to cheat to know what a Championship feels like, then I am ready and willing to do it. Period.

    As Painful as it is to say, Bill is a Champion and a Winner. He has brought great joy to Boston, his players and himself. That's what winners do. One day, we may be fortunate to have someone like him coach our team. A coach who will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win football games And maybe then, San Diego will finally get the elusive Championship we as fans have long deserved
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    in related news, matt cassel's older brother helped the padres beat the pirates monday

    how's that for 'it's a small world' news?
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    He didn't cheat, he broke a league rule, and you forgot the part about how we beat the CRAP out of your pathetic, trash-talking (but now awwwwwfully quiet) team with the WORLD watching and only legit cameras rolling. 38-14, and it wasn't even that close.

  4. FarScapeR

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    How about some more grace in victory?

    Still, the initial post is underhandedly calling the pats victories into question and should be called out for it.
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