Lets think of some POSITIVE things we learned about Spygate after the punishment

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  1. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    Several positive things from Spygate.....

    1) The offseason has gone quicker than usual,Instead of just talking about who and where a Patriots player is golfing (zzzzzz) we got tons of cameragate crap to read in the papers and watch on TV to entertain ourselves with and it seems its just flying by with all this s#it because TRAINING CAMP IS ONLY 8 WEEKS AWAY!

    2) We have learned to realize what actually is most important in the senate - NOT The gas prices soaring over $4.00 - Not the future of the economy or the upcoming presidential race and all its glamour but to investigate an NFL team for alleged cheating for 7 years,Thats the most important thing right now :rolleyes: - Now thanks to spygate we know whats most important in the hands of the overpaid men who run this country and now know its just run by a bunch of #### so now we are better prepared for the eventual destruction of this country instead of being ambushed like we may have been if there was no spygate :rolleyes:

    3) We can also now realize that in the NFL,people such as Mangini do bite the hand that feeds them - and its now a better way of realizing that its trust no one and question everyone when it comes to any of the guys you mentor,It can smarten you up and make you wiser and stronger.

    4) We also realize that ESPN is made up of human trash former players who know nothing about the sport other than simply a former player doing the normal stuff he was paid for and not using the brain.

    5) We can also realize now that even in the Boston area the Papers and many writers are actually looking to make a name for themselves by ruining the Pats reputation than just keeping a low profile as a local paper should and leave the crap to USA Today or Sports Illustrated - Its obviously all about fame and fortune over integrity in the Boston media market.

    All in all the things I mentioned makes us wiser and ready to tolerate anything in the future when it comes to the Patriots - Thats the positive side I see of it all.

    Anyone else with some POSITIVE things we learned from Spygate?
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  2. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    As a positive, I was compelled to finally read Patriot Rein, Education of a Coach, and Blueprint in a quest to get a better understanding of the coach under the hood. Am glad I did, I have a far better understanding of many things both inside and outside the world of head coaching the Pats.
  3. richpats

    richpats Banned

    Talk of the SB loss has been next to nothing - that's one positive thing about SpyGate. Even though I think the SpyGate talk wouldn't be nearly as rabid if the Pats had won the Super Bowl. Think about it- the pundits couldn't logically argue that the first 3 titles were tainted if we had a completely legit 19-0 season.
  4. PatriotsReign

    PatriotsReign Hall of Fame Poster

    #18 Jersey

    Funny richpats, you just made a simple point that shows just how illogical the spygate media frenzy has been. You're probably right...had the Pats gone 19-0, we wouldn't be hearing all this BS...but 18-1?? Hell, no! Those cheatin' bastards!

    Pretty strange...
  5. richpats

    richpats Banned

    IMO the SB did more to damage the Pats' reputation than SpyGate itself. All season long this team showed how football games are really won...ON THE FIELD....and when they were about to silence the critics forever....chaos ensued and the pundits rejoiced.
  6. PatriotsReign

    PatriotsReign Hall of Fame Poster

    #18 Jersey

    I don't know if it did more damage or not. The fact remains that it "should not" have. As long as we continue to be a dominant NFL franchise, the critics should slowly melt away. And I have no doubt that will happen.

    I don't see any reason not to think we'll have another legitimate shot this year. But it's tough when you don't capitalize on the chances you're given.
  7. richpats

    richpats Banned

    One thing I don't want to happen is for the Pats to turn into the Yankees. A dynasty melting into perennial playoff loser. Every year I know the Yankees are going to lose because they simply have lost their edge, and I hope the Pats can regain their edge before too long.
  8. marty

    marty In the Starting Line-Up

    I have a greater appreciation of the Krafts and the Pats organization as a whole. They have maintained a dignified posture through all of this. BB made a mistake, apologized for it and moved on. The naysayers have done all that they could to tear down a highly successful organization because of the threat of what they've accomplished and will, in all likelihood continue to accomplish.
    The media makes for a vicious enemy. Consider the source of Tomase's rushed hatchet job in the days before the SB....THE NY TIMES! To me it all begins and ends right there.
  9. Patriot_dynasty

    Patriot_dynasty Practice Squad Player

    Here is something positive...the aftermath of Tomase's article. Finally the media has been exposed and readers may actually start using their own opinion instead of mimicking some clown they heard/read on ESPN or the newspaper. That is the only positive spin I can put on this whole soap opera.
  10. PatriotsReign

    PatriotsReign Hall of Fame Poster

    #18 Jersey

    I haven't even thought of that. Why think negative? I have no "black cloud" feeling about the Patriots at all. I don't think anything has happened to make us feel that way.

    I will say that we got spoiled all those years with the Pats coming through in the final minutes. It always seemed like destiny was on our side. The reality is there's no such thing as destiny and if there is, she's on everyone's side.

    So we finally lost one of those games we always won. The law of average said it would happen. I'm not worried about any trend. I don't believe in them.
  11. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #22 Jersey

    Spygate perpetuated the damage....if losing the superbowl caused more damage it was only because of spygate....People were happy we lost and rejoiced that the spiers did not win. If spygate did not happen than more people would have been on the side of history instead of against the evil empire.
  12. richpats

    richpats Banned

    I try not to think negatively, but I don't want to discount the obvious either. The team failed to show up in the biggest game of their lives - just astonishing.

    Personally I focus on every season individually. In the championship seasons, the Pats fought harder than their opponents. The last couple of years, the Pats just needed to avoid playing horribly in order to get the Lombardi, yet they went on and played horribly. Honestly, destiny looked to be on the side of the Colts and Giants than it ever did the Pats (ok, we did have the Snow Bowl).

    I wasn't worried about a "trend" after the 2005/2006 playoff exits - I rationalized that the team was overachieving and just ran out of steam. 2007? Boy, that turned everything on its head. Basically Belichick evolved his team into one that his 2001 squad (aka 2007 Giants) would have beaten - just blows my mind.
  13. PatriotsReign

    PatriotsReign Hall of Fame Poster

    #18 Jersey

    You're both negative AND angry...STILL

    That's ok, you have the choice to be angry and you have made your choice. I've made the choice to move on & look forward to another great season.
  14. richpats

    richpats Banned

    Dude, go away - you pretended to be level-headed for once and then reverted back to form. The Super Bowl was an eye-opener - I'm not being negative or angry, you are just trying to start another flamewar.

    To the ignore list you go!
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  15. PatriotsReign

    PatriotsReign Hall of Fame Poster

    #18 Jersey

    You sounded really angry. I thought YOU were being level headed for once too, then you started your typical rant.

    So this isn't angry?

    OK, you're right:rolleyes:
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  16. SoCal Pmen

    SoCal Pmen In the Starting Line-Up

    #54 Jersey

    Just to add to your list, we learned that there is a significant drop off from Tags to Goodell in terms of competency and ability to run a league effectively and with consistency.
  17. Manzana

    Manzana Rookie

    I think we have had a long line of sportswriters in Boston whose ego has always trumped objective reporting. McDonough, Shaunessy, Borges, Ryan, Buckley, Callahan, Maz and now add Tomase to the list. Although Tomase was trying for his first big story, while the others are just blowhards who like to think they are the end-all-and-be-all of sports journalism. When their egos get bruised they attack mercilessly, without merit because they are out to prove that they are smarter than the big bad jock.

    I have heard Pete Shepard and those guys bashing all of us idiots on blogs/message boards.. but the fact of the matter is they know they were fortunate enough to get their jobs, and they like to hold those jobs over us bloggers/posters as a symbol of their maleness.. sorta like those dudes that drive Hummers. They can't imagine that they might be wrong. The are too busy trying to make sure that we know that they get to "talk to the people they want to talk to. They want our jobs." Yeah, I want to be a tool of the media like you.
  18. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    I disagree. IMO, if the Pats had gone 19-0, the Hateriots would have been even more outraged, not less.
  19. DarrylS

    DarrylS PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    What I learned was that BB will never change, despite all of the criticism and wrath he will pretty much stay the same and be the rock that he is...
  20. Seriously, no one outside of New England cares about Spygate. Everyone knows the Pats are very good, but other teams' fans will just use Spygate as a sticking point to poke at the Patriots when they win the division again next year. BTW, I'm a Giants fan. ;)

    Why Bellichek would need an edge with the teams he has had is what makes me shake my head.
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