Lets Move On

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Remix 6, Jan 22, 2007.

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    we have a lot to look forward to. the draft will be coming up, i know seeing some players come in for workouts is exciting for me..having a possible player from college you like or a player on another team who is an FA or gets traded. Im taking the loss hard too but who would've though 2 Florida WRs could do fine in our offense with Branch and Givens gone? Defense with injuries again..lost a clutch kicker

    Not many of us honestly expected to make it this far. Well we cant do anything about loss now, so we shouldnt shine much longer. Lets look forward to possible new Patriots, hopefully not many Patriots leaving and hopefully come back next season with more power
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    Well put, Remix. I saw us as getting into the playoffs, but certainly wasn't a "SB XLI is a lock" twit (nor was I a "Dolphins got us this year! Wahhhh!" twit.)

    Of course, you just can't call the season a success at this point, unless it ends with the ultimate prize. But all the immediate post-game whining is absurd. Most teams do not win the Super Bowl. Great football game. Good season. We didn't win it all. And...?

    We move on. Yeah players will be evaluated, choices will be made (Samuels will be re-signed or not, for example...) the cap will be counted down, the draft will go on. The Pats can pride themselves on having their stingiest ever defense (until today - ugh again,) getting great production out of a patched together receiver corps, and getting within spitting distance of another Lombardi.

    But all this calling for peoples' heads, whining about contributing factors like the heat in the dome, the flu, all that is wacked out over-reaction. It's a team built to last... whoever is ultimately on next year's 53.

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    Hey, we were one of the top 4 teams in the league this year. Can't complain with that result.
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    good, not great

    can't complain

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