Let's just get out alive and with the win here and onto the creampuffs

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  1. Patsman

    Patsman On the Roster

    This team looks tired and out of rythm. The explosiveness of the offense is making up for a lot of the inefficiencies we're seeing all over the rest of the field of late, but this doesn't have nearly the rythm it had a few weeks ago. Let's get past this one, onto two pitiful teams where we can fine tune, work on things and rest the guys. What scares me here is that we're not getting better and have shakey momentum going into the playoffs.
  2. BbRrUeSwCsHkIe

    BbRrUeSwCsHkIe On the Roster

    Any chance you can get over whatever premature issue you're dealing with privately and not drag the rest of it into your sordid issues?

    SIXTY MINUTES DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Actually, we need to get out of here after working out some of those kinks...........

    Oh, hey look at that, that seems to be what we are trying to do. :rolleyes:
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