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    The Facts:

    1) We sucked last night - no disputing it. Brady was flatter than a female Russian tennis player and the "Got Toast?" secondary got smoked again.

    We should have beaten Denver and we laid a fart in a BIG nationally televised game.

    Fine. Done. Move on.

    2) Brady has an attitude problem. We haven't experienced this before because the kid has always said and done the right things - a MODEL player and citizen. Maybe the Deion thing was the straw that broke the camel's back. Who knows? I have confidence that Brady will get his head out of his arse and restore order.

    3) Losing to the Broncos does not KILL us. We ARE NOT doomed! What we are is 2-1, 2-0 in the division, in first place and heading into a tough game at CIncy.

    Speculation section:

    1) I think we will lose to Cincy for a lot of reasons:
    a) They are very good
    b) Brady is still getting comfortable with his recievers (keep an
    eye on Gabriel - he looks like a keeper!)
    c) Dillon will probably be out

    2) Counting the Cincy loss, I still see us going 11-5, 10-6 and that's going to be good enought to win the AFC East.

    I predict losses @ Cincy, vs. the Colts, @ the Dolphins and @ the Jags.

    Maybe swap out the Dolphins for a loss to the Bears, but either way you're talking 11-5.

    Relax. Hibernate for next week. Don't even TiVO it. Go fishing. Take a ride and watch the leave change.

    Come back out on October 8th.

    We'll beat the Fish at home to head into the BYE week 3-2.

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