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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFanInVa, Jan 22, 2007.

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    We all know about the 3 SBs out of 4, and somebody else trotted out some playoff wins, divisional titles, etc. on another thread. This one is tangential to that accumulation of accomplishments, and I write it only because so many here seem to be forgetting it.

    What's "it"?

    We are The dynasty of this century. Anybody here doubt we win the division next year? I don't. The future is unwritten, as I feel like I say with every post these days, but I very much like our chances.

    Beyond that likelihood, consider the fates of the two non-Pats SB winners this century. The Steelers took the big dive this year, and as for the TB Bucs, I think they're in the witness protection program.

    Nobody's looking over their shoulders at Pittsburgh or Tampa Bay come playoff time.

    They will continue to look over their shoulders at the Pats.

    I don't want that to be an empty jinx deal either, don't get me wrong. I want the Pats back in it in SB XLII. I never saw this 2006 team as "world beaters," but they showed what they were made of, regardless of a lack of dominant talent. I'd say we're positioned better for 2007 than 2006. I'd love to tag a few more rings onto that legacy.

    But understand what we have, yes, still: the class of the League, over the course of years. Believe it or not, Patriots Nation, making it to the AFC Championship is an accomplishment of sorts. Particularly when you're talking about an era where teams have trouble getting to the playoffs two years in a row.

    Flu, Shmu. My guess is there won't be excuse fests and finger pointing in Foxboro. There will be hard, tiring, endless hours of scouting reports and tape study and negotiations.

    Screw the rear view mirror. Screw the play that could have changed it all if only... . Screw the self-pity.

    We're in the midst of the NFL's only existing dynasty. Not at the tail end of it, in the midst of it. Don't try to get the jump on history, brothers and sisters. History will take care of itself.

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    #54 Jersey

    Great post, plus remember two first round picks and still have the two B's. We'll be back to the Bowl, guaranteed.
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    Great post. As I told a Steelers fan co-worker today, we're a helluva lot closer to getting back to the Super Bowl than the Steelers, and nearly every other team in the league.

    Bring on the future. I'm over the past.
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    Great post. Just what I needed to cheer me up. Cheers. :rocker:
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    This is my first post of the day, but I agree, we'll be back and hungrier...It's been a rough day, especially when you start playing the what ifs, and how we had control of the game for 59 minutes, but they entertained us this year, and we can't win it every year. If we thought last year's loss left a bad taste, this year is worst.

    After the 02 season, this team made two big FA acquisitions in colvin and harrison, and I expect to see something similar with the fast young FA linebackers available this year. I also see us getting faster and younger in the draft. We're better positioned than probably anyone else when it comes to draft picks, and balancing youth with vets, so our future still looks bright.

    Also, I went to the patriots.com website to look at some jerseys, and the first thing I saw was the 3x World Champions, not many fans can say that about their team.

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