Lendale was on the Best Damn Sports Show.

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  1. bunzoburns

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    Damn he looked fat! If I saw him walking down the street I would have figured he was a flabby nobody decked out in a throw back.

    Apparently Chauncy Billups is his cousin....
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  2. I seriously doubt he will be taken by the Pats with the 21st pick.
  3. primetime

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    The man can carry a rock though.
  4. JOhnnyBravo

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    aw i missed it. did he really look fat. not good.
  5. Brady'sButtBoy

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    You can check out Lendale waddling on to the set in his XXXXL jersey at this link - http://msn.foxsports.com/bestdamn . Scroll down a little and video is on the left side. he definitely isn't trying to make a statement about his fitness, that's for certain, and he walks like a duck, no kidding. At least he sounds somewhat aware and speaks better than a lot of the young athletes you see mumbling on TV.
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  6. 14thDragon

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    I guess when you can't let your talent do the talking you need to take the talk show tour.

    If the planets align correctly he will be taken by the colts and have them waste a 1st round pick.
  7. IcyPatriot

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    I hear he recieved the fastest time carrying his food tray through the Burger King short shuttle order line. :bricks:
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