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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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  2. neuronet

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    Excellent piece. Thanks.
  3. DarrylS

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    Good piece, the one thing i do not get is him not allowing her to get medical treatment..
  4. neuronet

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    This happens all the time in abuse cases. Guy will basically not let the woman go to the hospital as the doctors by law have to call the cops if they find it was caused by abuse.
  5. nhpatsfan

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    Great link.
    I missed the bit about 'him not allowing her to get medical treatment' - link?
  6. allbosfan

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  7. xmarkd400x

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    Was Moss really in Florida any time during the past month or so?
  8. mosi

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    No, she would be at his place of business (not a joke).

    Something does not sound right about all of this. If she is doing this, Moss has every right to sue her in court for defamation. Also, what is this accident that he is talking about. Man, I want to believe Randy, but unless this person is just a complete fraud, something just sounds fishy.
  9. Truck

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    Maybe he spilled coffee on her? Maybe he accidently slammed the door on her? Maybe they were playing touch football with a group and he ran over her? Maybe she didn't think much of it at the time then afterwards someone suggested its her way to get rich quick.

    Obviously something happenned since Moss calls it an accident. And the "pay us or we'll go to the media" instead of "as soon as moss is gone i'm going to the police" or "you hit my sister/friend i'm gonna f u up" angle makes him sound more credible to me anyways
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  10. cartmen

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    Yeah this does sound fishy but I look at it from his view. Why didnt she seek care after he left and why werent the police called? Why was there no witnesses? Was it an argument his neighbors heard? This came right out of the blue and no one is coming out saying they colaborate her story. Why is this? Usually people are throwing themselves to help out a battered woman not this time. All seems extreemly fishy.
  11. JR4

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    I can relate what happen to someone I know very well.
    He was having a heated discussion with his girl friend in a car. He wasn't looking right at her. He turned vigoursly to face her meaning to rest his arm
    on top of the seat and his hand "ACCIDENTLY" hit this womans face causing
    a scratch. What followed was a restraining order and whole bunch of garbage when the scum bag lawyers got involved.

    Point is "Accidents do happen."

    but in our society there is no such thing as a simple accident like,
    Randy suggested, ... rather it's an open wound for blood sucking lawyers.
    They will suck you dry if they can and the only way to prevent mortal
    death is to get your own blood sucking lawyer.
    This is America where there are NO accidents.
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  12. ctpatsfan77

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    One point that raised eyebrows:

    I dunno, like, maybe that "R" tattoo or that Superman tattoo? :bricks:
  13. Seacoast Fan

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    Sorry, but in this type of restraining order/domestic abuse case, very rarely are there any "blood sucking lawyers" around, to use your phrase. Generally, it is driven not by a lawyer, but by one party's intense hatred of the other party, or need for revenge, or an attempt to gain an advantage in a child custody case (you can't see your kids if there is a restraining order in place.)
  14. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Just heard on D & C, not all that reliable, but they are hearing that she hurt her hand in a moment of intimacy..i.e. doing the wild thing, and it was allegedly accidental.
  15. patological

    patological Practice Squad Player

    From the McCann article: "I do not believe either the Patriots or NFL will punish Moss, at least until the Jan. 28 hearing takes place. If it is determined at the hearing, however, that Moss physically assaulted Washington, he could face punishment under the NFL's player conduct policy, including immediate suspension."

    Well, as far as I know, there's nothing that would compel Moss to appear at the hearing on January 28th and he doesn't have to give a reason for not doing so. It could be as something as simple as his not wanting ever to have anything to do with this women again.

    And, if the judge at that time entered an order based only on her testimony and what we know so far, it may well not be "proof" that an assault occurred--just that there was a reasonable basis to grant the permanent injunction. If Moss chooses not to contest this, nothing further can be read into that fact.
  16. xmarkd400x

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    Like she got her hand pinched in the handcuffs?
  17. JR4

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    This is his friend for 11 years. Randy's interview did not reveal any
    "intense hatred". The fact they are asking for a 6 figure gift tells me
    flat out there are blood sucking lawyers involved.
    If our laws would limit such suits to $25000 or less +
    medical expense allowed by most insurance companies and
    any reasonable replacement of property losses and cut out all the pain and
    suffering and other intangible nonsense the blood sucking lawyers would
    ... and so would cases like this.
  18. MoLewisrocks

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    I don't have a law degree but if this is what you wanted I probabaly could have given you as much insight into this matter, the actual particulars about which we know next to nothing...

    His closing kinda sums his contribution up:

    "On balance, however, it seems unlikely that Moss faces any imminent punishment by either the league or Patriots, though the results of the Jan. 28 hearing may prove influential."

    But what good would having a legal eagle on staff do SI if they couldn't ask him to fill space...:rolleyes:
  19. Xzibit23

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    This guy was on WEEI earlier this morning and he basically said he's skeptical of the lady's claims because she didnt charge Moss with a crime of battery, or even had the police investigate it. She instead filed a restraining order and approached him for payment...which gave him an idea of whats going on and the lady's intentions. Obviously, he made it clear we dont know all the facts but also let it be known that she's looking highly questionable right now.
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  20. marty

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    I imagine that this is her rebuttal to the question of why there was no medical treatment at the time. Doesn't explain the day after, or the day after that....etc. As Randy said, she's got her own car, there was nothing to prevent her from getting medical treatment.
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