Leftwich or Garard

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    Do you really think Leftwich is going to start,I don't and here is why.I think he would have taken a few snaps in the last game they played just to get in a groove make a few completitions just to get his confidence back.This could be a ploy by del Rio to think one thing and get another.The other glaring thing is they announced the starter Leftwich right away wouldn't you keep the other team wondering who it might be..Just ssomething to think about :confused:

    Then I read this on the Jag's board a quote from Leftwich and a response from a fan..

    "I'm looking forward to it," Leftwich said. "It has been a tough 'rehab' to even get to the situation I'm in now. I'm happy to be out there [practicing]. I'm the leader of this football team and my guys are happy that I'm going to have the opportunity to be out there with them on Saturday."

    Normally doesn't other players make this statement about their QBs.

    I have not heard anyone declare them self the leader of their team.

    I almost think that he is not going to start, and it is a big setup. Very interesting.
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    Non-factor. The Falcons did this with Vick earlier this season, and it seems pretty common. The Patriots will prepare for both.

    The day "Axe" Del Rio outfoxes Belichick is not coming anytime soon.
  3. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    Ginger or MaryAnn?
  4. dryheat44

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    Again, the smart thing is to prepare for both.
  5. PatsRule

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    I see other fans think the same thing,sorry for the semi duplicate post but I still say Maryann... :D
  6. Armen Da Pats Fan

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    I felt like it was a setup, too...

    Then, I also saw Leftwich's comments and I got to thinking, "Maybe Del Rio is dumb enough to sit the "kid off the bench" (Gerard) who's been winning and leading his team and put the "popular starter" (Leftwich) back in with no playing time over the past 6-8 weeks..."

    And it reminded me of a certain team who's "popular start" (Bledsoe) was injured in week #2 in 2001 and replaced by the "kid off the bench" (Brady) who led the team to it's first Super Bowl victory ever.

    The consensus around Boston back then, if I recall correctly, was that no starter should lose his job to injury. There were a lot of Trent Green vs. Kurt Warner debates, if memory serves.

    Most media pundits thought "when Bledsoe's healthy, he should play", but Belichick shunned conventional wisdom and went with the kid and three Super Bowls later, the rest is history!

    You'd think Del Rio would have learned.

    Maybe he did.

    We'll see on Saturday about 7:50pm...
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  7. oldrover

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    That's kind of indicative of the coach. If Leftwich is NOT starting, either del Rio's asking his player to lie and deceive, or he's lying to his erstwhile #1 QB. Yuck.
  8. edzo44

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    Actually Del Rio is being smart. He's essentially in a no lose situation with his quarterbacks. Start Leftwich (which makes him happy) and see just how mobile and effective he is against the Pats. If he's looking good, leave him in the game.

    If Byron struggles badly because he's too slow or innaccurate sit him down, blame it on his ankle, and put in the more mobile Garard, telling him they had to try Byron to see how he could do against a full speed opponent but his ankle wasn't ready so they are depending on HIM to advance the team in the playoffs. Everybodys ego is appropriately stroked so he ends up looking like a great, thoughtful coach and forces his opponent to prepare for both quarterbacks equally ;) .
  9. DrewWho?

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    that's not being smart, that's beinig stupid should he decide to do so. this is likely to be low scoring game. one INT, one sack, one fumble, as early as it may occur may decide the game. this is not a pre-season, or a regular season game. they do not the luxury to see if Byron is OK. they are going to go with a QB that gives them a best chance to win, period. or you hope so for their own sake.

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