Leaving Brady in games...could it effect backup QB play?

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  1. JtudsJetsFan

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    With all this talk of NE running up the score and leaving Tom in when it is a blow out, a lot of people are saying there might be an increasing risk of a cheap shot.

    I doubt it will happen, because so many players are too worried about their Bentleys and Escalades to risk losing money to make a point.

    However, if it happened, do you guys think the backup would be able to step in and perform as well as if he'd been getting late reps in all these blow out games?

    I don't know if Bill thinks about this, or maybe he figures they get enough work in practice....but it's something to consider.
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  2. wistahpatsfan

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    Backup Quarterback?
  3. PatsFan#37

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    Go back to your own board troll. We will demolish you 12/16
  4. unoriginal

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    The last time this team had to insert an untested backup QB into the lineup, it worked out pretty well. And Moss and Stallworth weren't the starting receivers back then.
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