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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by fgssand, Jul 23, 2006.

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  2. PATSNUTme

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    Ok. Now we don't have to listen to all the sh!t about him every two weeks.

    He and Hermy will never win a SB together.
  3. pats60

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    We expected he`d go there
    After all money is his god.
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  4. richpats

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    I see KC taking that division this year though, should be interesting to see a NE/KC matchup in the playoffs.
  5. desi-patsfan

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    Not surprised he went there, but would have been nice if he came back. Ofcourse he just kissed any chance of another SB ring away by signing to a Herm led team.
  6. OntarioPatsFan

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    Every 2 weeks, P-Nut? I'm pretty sure there was a thread here every 2 days. Still I was hoping he would sign here, oh well. Hopefully KC overpaid for him. Now let's get on with Training Camp.
  7. BelichickFan

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    I would have liked him to come back. But he's gone so it's time for others to step up. Hobbs I am confident will. I still like Samuel on the slot guy, but he may have to play outside now unless Gay or Warfied looks good in camp.
  8. RoughingthePasser

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    You're absolutely right. KC is still not a TEAM (our's has better dynamics) and they should have invested more in other key players but I figured they would get that desperate-like fat [​IMG]people at the grocery store before the government declares martial law.



    yeah...that's right
  9. Harrison37

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    Who own da Chief?


  10. Remix 6

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    your such a dumbass ^.

    if he signed wit us you would have put this picture up [​IMG]

    face it. we wanted him back..if there wasnt money involved we would let him on and now your bashing him? KC is a legit team..great players. they have 1 of the best fans and their stadium is tough to play in. he has a shot to win there know it. stop being such ******* homers. the Chiefs arent a bad team, Herm is not a bad coach, Ty Law is still a good player. We would of taken him back..and since hes not here..stop throwing stupid **** at him. honestly your all getting annoying with this stuff. "Oh well..hes never gonna win 1 again". "JACKASS"

    well Belichick will be the first to say a new start. 0-0. Winning an X amount of games last year doesnt mean anything. Everyone is fresh and hungry. Be happy for him that he found a of luck to him. Hope he finishes out a great career with a few playoff appearances. now drop it. he signed else where..if Brady signed somewhere else in this future are we gonna call him ****? Law was a big part of our success . He wants the money..okay well if a team is going to pay ihm that why not? not everyone is about just playing football because its a great sport..some want money..some want shots to win. Hes got both this year in KC.
  11. RoughingthePasser

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  12. spacecrime

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    Best off-season news since the draft. Now we don't have to clog this board with interminable posts about how Ty Law will win us a ring.
  13. spacecrime

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    Face it. I didn't and neither di Belichick or Pioli. They had plenty of money. They just didn't want him. All you guys that said he did so friggin good with the Jests. HA!! He got his 10 INTs by not playing team defense and letting the Jets go 4-12.

    Not half as annoying as you saying that KC will now win a ring and the pats won't.

    Give it up. Ty or no Ty NE has an excellent chance of winning the SB.

    Ty or no Ty, the Chiefs have almost no chance.

    Therefore, Ty doesn't make a difference in NE or KC.

    Stop your crying.

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  14. IcyPatriot

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    Law received a 5-year deal...i would be surprised if BB offered him more than 3...i would be surprised if he's still playing after 3. The Chiefs had bigger needs so this must be about making them some $$$.
  15. I'm Ron Borges?

    I'm Ron Borges? On the Game Day Roster

    I didn't really care if he came back or not but let's not pretend the Chiefs got screwed. Any defense that replaces Eric Warfield with Ty Law is instantly better. I think the biggest concern for the Chiefs is their age on offense. Except for LJ and a couple of other guys, most of their key offensive players are well over 30-years old. Hard to expect all those guys to stay healthy for an entire season but there's no question Law improves that secondary the moment he steps on the field. As long as Hobbs and Samuel are healthy, I think the Pats will be just fine at cornerback.
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  16. I'm Ron Borges?

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    What were the Chiefs more pressing needs? They have one of the worst group of corners in the NFL. I would say that's filling a big need.
  17. PatsFanInVa

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    Jeez you guys don't get it.

    The Pats will pay an amount at which they value a player. Period. This is the case with Law. In fact, if there's an error here of any kind, I'll be the first one to go "woo hoo! Got him after all!" But of course it's almost certain that KC has Law. He will make KC better. He would have made NE better. There is a loss there, though the integrity of the team model -- for NE -- is more important than a missed opportunity with any given individual.

    Do the Pats still compete for a SB without Law? Of course. Ask any team in the NFL if they look at the NE game as a W on their schedule (or knowledgable fans of any team.) Do the Pats still improve over last year? Unless Bird Flu comes to America and only hits the NE Patriots secondary (which I don't put out of the range of possibility, given the NE injury track record...) of course they do. They plugged in young guys last year all over the team that have had a year to develop and gel, and they get Rodney back at some point.

    How about KC? Of course they get better. You might not like Law's comments about putting food on the table, etc., but he is a good player. Just not as good as the money he wanted, in BB's eyes.

    When NE plows that money forward through LTBE and/or early payment to Seymour, we'll see what the impact of this year's passing up Law will be. Several million a year for several years is a nice little pot at the end of the rainbow, and could pay for Colvin through the decade, get us a premier O lineman or #1 receiver, you name it (even -- if it still looks needed -- help in the secondary.)

    I for one am comfortable with the Law decision, kool-aid drinking Belichick fan that I am.

    But it's dumb not to acknowledge he'll be a boost in KC.

  18. MoLewisrocks

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    It will be interesting to see just what the KC deal is really worth. Either the Poston's didn't give the Patriots a shot to match as Cafardo claimed they would or KC overpaid because there was too much of a gap to bridge in what was never more than a two horse race. I know space wants to continue his delusion, but they definitely wanted him, but as with all of them at a price.

    Let's hope Asante shows up as the 2004 edition, and Gay can get back on the field, and Warfield can be better with great coaching on a better defense and Hobbs doesn't suffer a sophomore slump. Oh, and Rodney makes it back sooner rather than later.

    The KC backfield should certainly be improved. How much that improves the overall defense will remain to be seen. Several key pieces of their offense are getting pretty old. With any luck it will crap out on Herm and this year they'll end up losing just as many as they did under Vermeil only 20-17 as opposed to 38-34 just for the opposite reason. And Ty can relive the hellish experience he apparently didn't learn all that much from in NY - a losing season with Herm.
  19. Remix 6

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    did i say KC will win before us? no. stop putting words in my mouth. i said they put more money...and they have a good shot. so he took it. we offered less money but a slightly bigger chance of winning. people doubt us..we doubt others

    KC has a good defense even without Law. They ranked near top against run defense..and near last in pass. why? they couldnt add pressure? have the solved it..well they got Hali to help in the draft. we'll see how it goes. They dont have a chance? They were a near dead last defense when they went 13-3 few years ago. They have a huge shot without Law. watch some more football and you'll see KC is a pretty good team without Law. Law gives them more turnovers which is what they want
  20. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    They had Surtain as their #1 CB. And they drafted a couple this year too. Their more pressing need may be augmenting an aging OLine and WR's, not to mention a QB who struggled with clotting problems in his 36 year old legs last season. Last year Ty played on a team that had a very good defense, Herman Edwards at the helm, and couldn't score enough points to win. He was miserable, but unfortunately with Ty when push comes to shove it is truly always about the benjamins.

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