Latest Rumor Update on the Grass/Field Turf Rumor

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by CTPatsFan, Oct 26, 2006.

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    In an effort to further stir up the speculation on the status of the field at the Razor, I pass on this information. It is only speculation but there are some, at least cursory, connections between a couple sources involved.

    The word passing through the professional sports turf managers circle is that Gillette is being re-sodded for the upcoming Dolts and Jest games. The field will then be stripped and prepped for installation of Sports Turf (or an equivalent artificial grass) while the Pats head for Green Bay. This will give the crews less than 2 weeks to convert it.

    The original field manager who oversaw the construction process (and the IMO perfect turf that first season) is will be brought in to oversee the process to ensure the subsurface plumbing, heating and cooling pipes are not damaged (there is actually a need for irrigation on artificial surfaces) and to ensure the integrity of the subsurface remains in tact.

    The company that installed the Field Turf in UConn's brand-new indoor practice facility (believe it or not, at or near the top as far as state-of-the-art training facilities go in Division 1 football) won the contract to do the installation at Gillette.

    Once again, FWIW. But I will add that most of the rumors that have surfaced out of this group regarding other fields in the northeast (municipal, high school, collegiate or otherwise) have proven to be true. A few have not.
  2. Va_Pats_Fan

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    The problem with that rumor is it is against the rules to change the turf in the middle of the season.
  3. RayClay

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    Grassroots info, eh?:p
  4. CTPatsFan

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    I can't agree or disagree as I've never seen the actual rule. I have heard it referenced before, though.
  5. marty

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    I'd normally give this some credence except that I'd recently heard that the NFL rules specifically states that the field you start the season with has to be the one you go through the season with. Can't change it mid season. So any surface change will have to wait until next year?
  6. lobster

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    Also the coach of the Revolution recently thanked the Krafts for their commitment to grass.
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  7. CTPatsFan

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    I am curious as to the actual rule. This is all I could find at

    1. Sidelines and end lines are out of bounds. The goal line is actually in the end zone. A player with the ball in his possession scores a touchdown when the ball is on, above, or over the goal line.

    2. The field is rimmed by a white border, six feet wide, along the sidelines. All of this is out of bounds.

    3. The hashmarks (inbound lines) are 70 feet, 9 inches from each sideline.

    4. Goal posts must be single-standard type, offset from the end line and painted bright gold. The goal posts must be 18 feet, 6 inches wide and the top face of the crossbar must be 10 feet above the ground. Vertical posts extend at least 30 feet above the crossbar. A ribbon 4 inches by 42 inches long is to be attached to the top of each post. The actual goal is the plane extending indefinitely above the crossbar and between the outer edges of the posts.

    5. The field is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. The end zones are 30 feet deep. The line used in try-for-point plays is two yards out from the goal line.

    6. Chain crew members and ball boys must be uniformly identifiable.

    7. All clubs must use standardized sideline markers. Pylons must be used for goal line and end line markings.

    8. End zone markings and club identification at 50 yard line must be approved by the Commissioner to avoid any confusion as to delineation of goal lines, sidelines, and end lines.
    Maybe it's not a comprehensive list?
  8. QuiGon

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    Yeah, that's what a lot of people have been saying... except when those same people are asked to point out the specific rule in the NFL that says a field cannot be changed mid-season, they find themselvs unable to do so.

    I think what happened was someone said that's the rule, so someone else reported it, so everyone picked it up and ran with it. But I still haven't seen any specific rule stating that you cannot do what some people are suggesting the Pats should do...
  9. mgcolby

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    I wonder if the league is willing to make a change to the rule, because of the high likelihood that the Pats will host one or more home playoff games on National TV. :confused:

    Just a thought.The owner's recently met, I don't think a quick vote on a seemingly minor rule change would be out of the question.

    For the record I prefer to watch football games that are played on real grass, especially in the winter months. Not that it matters to anyone. :D
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  10. QuiGon

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    No one's seen the actual rule... funny how everyone's talking about it though...
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  11. mgcolby

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    I like your sig. He also threw in Gary Myers and Tom Jackson (who he fecisiously called the "ultimate character guy") into that statement. They have been playing the quote on Sirius all week.

    Either I miss understood who he was calling the "ultimate character guy" or PFT did. I have heard the quote several times this week and it comes across as if it was aimed at Jackson but it would make more sense for Irvin. So I will conclude that I am wrong.
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  12. MrTumnus

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    Not for nothing.... but if you're not allowed by rule to change the turf mid-season... then why allow a newly sodded field? I mean, how is that fair for the Colts and not... the Dolphins (the last team to play in Foxboro).

    Isn't the very fact the Patriots are changing the playing surface for their next home game against these so-called rules?

    Just wondering
  13. lobster

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    This is from the story from - note that the Pat's are installing sod in the end zones as well between the hash marks. Also the filming of that football movie prevented the installation of sod earlier.
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  14. patsfan13

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    I wouldn't be suprised if the Pats were given dispensation on this. I imagine if we beat the Colts Polian will demand we put in Field Turf.

    Whatever the players want is what I'm for.
  15. CTPatsFan

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    Only other field-related reference I can find is under the Procedures for Starting and Resuming Games:

    7. Each home club is strictly responsible for having the playing surface of its stadium well maintained and suitable for NFL play.

    And again, I'm just helping to spread the rumor because I thought it was interesting given the speculation that's already taken place. Maybe those who heard timeframes were off, maybe they all were. That's why I threw in the caveat that some of the rumors haven't come to fruition.
  16. Ahriman

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    The rule isn't part of the official NFL rules, as I understand it. Rather, there is a general agreement among the NFL owners that replacing field surfaces (edit: replacing the entire field, I mean) can only be done in the off-season.

    If the rumor is true, then it's probably safe to assume that the Patriots' received special permission from the owners to make the change, due to the awful condition of the field.
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  17. BelichickFan

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    I was going to say the same thing - even if there was an iron clad, written rule the Patriots could probably get permission to re-do their field given the situation.
  18. QuiGon

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    I would think the commissioner would be the ultimate arbiter, and he would probably consult with the other teams still left to travel to Foxboro.
  19. denverpatsfan

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    Sigh, I always hated the artificial turf in old Schaefer Stadium. Now we are turning back the clock!?

    What about hiring somebody that actually knows how to grow grass? What about bringing in an engineering firm to review the "state of the art" drainage, heating and irrigation system. Don't forget this stadium was built by the "lowest bidder".

    Very discouraging news if true. Football should be played outdoors and on grass IMO.

    The only team with a real field in the AFCE will then be Miami!
  20. marty

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    Good points. I'm thinking that re-installingsod to repair existing grass is not the same as going from a grass surface to a turf surface. Your point could be taken further in that the teams that play on our dry grass early in the season, had an advantage over those that may play in snow/mud later in our season?:rolleyes:

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