Late night rant..but someone HAD to do it!!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by supafly, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    When all is said and done, I think this team has too much pride to ever consider coming close to throwing in the towel. Hopefully we see some of the nastiness in the trenches that we have seen in the past after eye-opening losses. Then the lot of you can come back in off the ledge...

    We may not have a SB team this yr, but then again, there has not been any dominating performances besides the Packers, so anything can happen. Let's hope for a playoff berth, wildcard or not..then we'll see what happens. The idea that we can't win a couple of playoff games is ridiculous to me.

    And if not, we still can relish the GIFT that is being able to get hyped up for every single Sunday's game with a chance and hope to win. Just remember, there are probably about 3/4 of the teams in the NFL that would jump at the chance to be in the shoes of both the team, and the fanbase.

    Belichick may have made some seriously questionable decisions and calls--in the draft, and in the building of some years' teams, but I know that he always is 100% driven to doing what he feels is best for the team. I think his dedication, sheer smarts, and desire is good enough is to put us in competition on just about every single Sunday; regardless of who is starting where, and who is traded or released.

    I know this may not be a popular thread/post with many, and I'm sure some ***** clown will chime in with some impatient comment about not "winning" right..this..second..but our sense of entitlement as a fan base is getting to be ridiculous anymore. I saw a post lately that asked someone if they thought "last year was a success." Are you kidding me? We were THE elite team in the NFL, and beat all 4 conference champion squads (and both SB squads to boot) a "rebuilding year." Out of 16 games we won 14. That's 14 Sundays that we all got to enjoy seeing our team walk away victorious. Yes, of course we all would've liked to win the SB, but let's be realistic, it just is not going to happen that often. It's an exceptionally special thing, or else duck boats, parades, and rallys would be scheduled for every single year like clockwork--that of course would ruin the whole "magical" feeling of actually winning the damn thing.

    We've got to witness (not me personally, but I couldn't even imagine) going to a home game EVERY single time when Brady plays since 2006, and walking away feeling like we got our money's worth. Good GOD!! No, we haven't won a playoff game the past couple of yrs vs. the likes of the punishing Ravens and the hungry Jets, but all is not lost as a fanbase either. The Pats remain one of the NFL's toughest outs, and will likely stay that way. They didn't make the playoffs in 2008, and as tough as it was we all went on with our lives and regrouped the next yr.

    We celebrate together with the wins, and console each other after losses; but we're not going to p!ss and moan like a bunch of spolied sissies anymore. This fanbase is still made up of many who sat on cold benches through 1-15 seasons; people who would've given anything just to compete.

    We are given the chance to compete just about every single Sunday, now let's not run the damn coach out of town for God sakes.

    And PS---F@#k Leigh Bodden, and anyone else who wasn't going to give their all and dedication. As much as I questioned the move too, it's time to move on and understand the bigger picture. Belichick's a guy who'd rather have all of his players believe in themselves and each other, then have a little bit more talent in the short run. You can say that it's right/wrong, whatever..but in the next couple/few yrs, I believe he will get us another SB trophy.

    So, am I being a "homer," or just a true fan who goes down swinging with his team--sink or swim?

    We're either going to get the season back on track this Sunday vs the NYG, or the Jets are going to face a very hungry and pissed off team next Sunday night. Regardless, we have a chance to be 6-3, maybe even 7-2.

    Does anyone else believe there's a decent shot at making some noise, or do most of you feel as though it's somehow already a done deal?
    [end rant]
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  2. abdul7

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    I dont know who you are supafly, but you sure scare me ! Do you read minds ? Because i coudnt have written it better. Thats how ive been thinking all week and always will. Good post, and i still think we go 12-4 and win the Division. Than its all about 60 mins.
    GO PATS. Abdul
  3. Modest

    Modest Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I suspect this season will be a near mirror of last season. An early loss (except Week 3 vs Week 2 last year) and a mid season loss (Except week 8 vs Week 9). I remember the suicide watch this place was on after we lost to Cleveland (me included)- this year we lost to Pittsburgh, a damn good team. Oh, and they also had to debut an entirely new game plan to do it. Lets see them attempt the same one when we meet in the playoffs. The only difference is I expect a different post season ending.

    A lot of the AFCs premier powerhouses have looked very bad this year, so I see no reason why this team cant be the one representing the conference in the Superbowl.
  4. Buchanty

    Buchanty Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    Thanks Supafly - I think you speak for a large number of us in pointing out the ridiculousness of the surge of negativity that followed this loss. I have not spent much time on this board this week as some of the thread titles left me speechless and some of the replies angry and disappointed. Losing is not only normal it is also to be expected to a lesser or greater degree every season so get over it. Parity, longer seasons and rule changes guarantee it. For some reason if we have more than 2 losses its a failed season, yet how many teams have 2 or less over the last 50 years? The Pats are 5-2 and its almost as if those numbers were reversed by the loss on Sunday.

    Despite the calls for sweeping changes we still have a pretty good team. It may not be in shape for a Superbowl appearance, but none really are. And while the Packers are close, they really haven't faced any major adversity yet, nor had their sense of invincibility cracked but I am certain it will come to pass (for their sake it needs to happen before the playoffs because if it happens then they will not be visiting Indianapolis).

    I am also going to repeat what I have said in the past - the lockout and the shortened pre-season has and will affect this year performances more than any other, and the teams that remain stocked and unchanged will benefit the most, and as far as I can see GB is the only one that fits that description. It will take longer for teams to gel than before and the bye week only emphasized our lack of cohesion on both sides of the ball.

    I do believe in this team and anticipate that this loss will act as a fire to temper their resolve and mental fortitude. I am delighted that the players and coaches are taking this badly, it means they are learning from the mistakes, but we really don't need to pour scorn and derision on top. Objective criticism is appropriate of course but let's stop going overboard lest we look like kids who have had their candy stolen by the neighborhood bully.

    I am ready to cheer the Pats on come hell or high water, and thank goodness we have the best coach and quarterback to represent us.
  5. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    It may not seem like it, bit Belichick is doing what he thinks is needed to win it all this year, as he always does. People forget that this teams success was built on questionable decisions and a team that didn't have the talent to win, supposedly. In fact, he went with a roster that was short a player, I believe, because he didn't think he had enough NFL talent to bother filling all the spots.

    Did he think he was going to win in 2001? He was surprised, but he doesn't go into a season worrying about next year, that's for the off season.

    What was his goal in 2001? To build a team with character. That was what was needed to win. Sound familiar? Sure he had pokey Antwine who needed a push, and Bryan Cox, who was half nuts, but he filed the team with guys like Phifer, a classy vet who had never had a chance for a ring, Vrabel who was hungry for a chance to prove himself, solid vet Compton who solidified a patchwork line. Pleasant, Patten, lunchpail guys who put in a full days work and more.

    Plus Troy Brown, who was, well, Troy Brown.

    Former 4th string QB taking over for "the franchise?" I'm convinced it would have happened injury or not.

    Compare that to the 2009 team that played the Ravens. Much more talented, but one bad apple drained the focus and the "team" concept. BB said it in that documentary.

    I just can't get this team to do what's needed, or something to that effect. It must be the same situation with that secondary. He's switched coaches, been hands on and it just seems head up his arse Meriweather and one year wonder Bodden weren't leading the way as they should.

    As far as the others, who cares. When a special teamer comes in half way through the year and blows you all away due to effort, what did you have to offer anyway? Talent and potential don't mean ****. There's a game this week and you better be focused.

    So, one year, one team and McCourty, Chung and Arrington need to step up, that seems to me to be the idea. Backups will be trained to do their job. Not ideal, but winning never is, there's always land mines.

    Our most dominant team, I think most would say 2004. Look at the secondary that led us through the playoffs. Unless they resign Earthwind Mooreland, I have to feel some of these PS squad guys can learn to play roles well enough to allow our top three DBs to lead us through the challenges.

    That's my rant. Being thankful and enjoying the scenery is BS, in my opinion. Every season has problems, it seems our secondary was a festering one. If guys are hungry and put in the time I think that distraction can be patched. Bad team chemistry cannot, as we have seen.

    Team chemistry is a weird thing too, by the way. It's not about having a bunch of goody goodies, those teams are often flat. Could be a big loser like Haynesworth seeking redemption could be a spark. It happens.

    *Shuffles off. cues up Bang the Drum Slowly on the DVD*
  6. jimache

    jimache Supporter Supporter

    Great post fellow "homer" ... and as far as the ones on the ledge calling for BB head ... let them stay there and hope some just slip off. GO PATS :rocker:
  7. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    As I've said in many threads this week - the reason people, self included, are pissy and frustrated is b/c of that ticking clock that is Tom Brady's career, and Bill Belichick's career.

    When that's done, it might be back to 1-15, just without the cold benches.

    History has not been kind to teams with elite QBs once they've left.

    So we have to win now. That's why people seem impatient. Because there is reason to be so. I appreciate you trying to bring some perspective in - but it sort of takes for granted the unique time we're in in this franchise.
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  8. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    When I saw the thread title, I figured it would be another Chicken Little, Gloomer and Doomer rant stating that the game has passed Belichick by and going overboard on how a disaster this season is at 5-2. It is good to see a rant with the other perspective.

    I have been accused as a huge homer, but I just don't see the doom and gloom after one loss. If this was any other year, I might feel different. But this year right now has been Green Bay and everyone else. There isn't one other team that has shown any consistency or at least one major exploitable weakness this year. Even the Packers have some significant holes that in any other year might be exploited more.

    I said before the season that we were going to see a lot of bad football around the league. And guess what?!? We have and not just from the Patriots. Three weeks ago the Jets were left for dead because of their enemic play vs. good teams (and they may not have proven they can beat a good team because when everything is said and done, the Chargers might be an 8-8 or worse team). The Ravens offense has been painfully putrid. Philip Rivers not only is having a down year for him, he is having a down year for any QB. And the Jets, Ravens, and Chargers are supposed to be the elite teams of the AFC.
  9. FCB02062

    FCB02062 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    It's not a question of being ungrateful, etc., it's the fact that agitated fans, like myself who've grown upset at management's cheap approach to player acquisitions (including drafting), see WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. We have a qb, one of the best of all time, given flotsam and jetsam on both sides of the ball through the draft and free agency, especially for the past few years.
    The New England Patriots COULD HAVE BEEN the greatest franchise in the history of the league - or at least in the top few. 06, 07, and 10 should have netted the team another trophy to display down there at Jonathan City. Many fans think if Kraft had gone the extra mile, shelled out the extra money, to sign or draft (by trading up for TALENT instead trading down for VALUE) a BIG TIME IMPACT PLAYER ON DEFENSE IN HIS PRIME, then maybe JUST MAYBE, we'd be talking about 4 Super Bowl titles in 7 or 8's a shame because it was right there for the taking...and before people start calling me "ungrateful", I was a card carrying, pom pom waving season ticket holder for 18 years.....I showed my thanks by writing Krafty a check every season....
  10. Halifax_Pats_Fan

    Halifax_Pats_Fan In the Starting Line-Up

    I think we should start Mallett, and play for next season...
  11. Mainefan

    Mainefan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Some of these posts--the one above, for instance--make me wish there was a dislike button.
  12. Mainefan

    Mainefan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The TWO above, in fact.
  13. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    Wow, so you've built championship teams before. Quite an honor to have you posting here, which dynasty was that?
  14. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    Yeah, look what happened when we lost the highest paid QB in the league who had led us to our second SB appearance ever.

    Of course we totally fell apart when Brady went down with a knee injury, not sure if we won a game that year. Absolutely, we should panic and spend as much as possible now.
  15. Krugman

    Krugman Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    Many good points Supa,agreed.
  16. FCB02062

    FCB02062 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    Never said that - just illustrating that some of the fanboys in here probably never held season tix, probably never sacrificed so they could go down to Foxboro and dedicate 8-10 hours to a football team you love, and they probably never wrote out yearly checks to help build Jonathan City down there on Route 1...because I criticize the team and its owner I'm called "ungrateful" should never be satisfied with second, third, or fourth best at the end of the season, ESPECIALLY when you have one of the best quarterbacks and coaches in the game at the helm....
  17. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    We've been very, very fortunate to have Bledsoe, Brady, Cassel.

    I think you're really taking that for granted.

    We didn't fall apart when Brady blew out his knee b/c Cassel is a quality NFL caliber QB. He led a much, much lesser Chiefs team to the playoffs. That 2008 squad was going to be - with Brady - one of the best teams on paper, ever assembled, as it was basically the same squad as 2007. Cassel is a drop-off, no doubt, but not enough to sink it.

    The reality is - Belichick is the glue, and he won't be here forever. He intimated himself in the NFLN doc, and that was 2009. He's going to be 60 soon and said he wasn't going to be a Marv Levy. So we probably have 5-8 years left of Bill.

    People have to stop acting like this insane run we've been on is going to continue in any way shape or form for eternity.

    That's what would be spoiled. Not expecting a Brady-Belichick team to compete for a title - that's just logical.

    The mood around here - as diehard fans who take this game way too seriously - should reflect that of the players, which should be quite sour this week. The way we lost that game is cause for some reflection and contemplation. Anything otherwise is sugarcoating.

    When we win this week, I expect things to turn around on the board.
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  18. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    First, if you have been a season ticket holder for 18 years as you claim, you saw what this franchise was prior to Kraft which was putrid. You also saw that Kraft wasn't cheap where he overpaid to keep players during the Bobby Grier era and the beginning of the Belichick era. Players like Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, and Drew Bledsoe got record breaking deals. In fact, it took nearly a decade for a CB to get a better contract than Law got in 1998. He also say him overpay for rejects like Max Lane and Todd Rucci.

    Second, the Pats did spend from 2006 on. Kraft made Richard Seymour the highest paid d-lineman in 2006. Kraft made Randy Moss one of the highest paid receivers in 2008. Kraft made Brady the highest paid player in the NFL last year. Kraft made Wilfork one of the highest paid interior d-linemen last year. Kraft overpaid for Adalius Thomas in 2007. Kraft gave Welker a well above market value contract in 2007 based on his value at the time (he has far exceeded it). Kraft made Mankins the highest paid guard this year.

    Third, name one high priced acquisition the Pats made from 2001-2004. The only one I can think of is Roosevelt Colvin in 2003 and he took a discount to come to the Pats. Even then, he didn't live up to his contract.

    Fourth, while on that subject, most high priced acquisitions do not live up to expectations. The Dolphins overpaid for Karlos Dansby and he has been average at best this year. Same with Reggie Bush. The Jets paid a hefty sum for Bart Scott and his bark is bigger than his bite. The Ravens beat out the Pats for Anquan Bolden because they were willing to give him top dollar and the Pats weren't and Bolden gave the Ravens 839 yards and 7 TDs in return last year for the money (the TDs were good, but the yards were mediocre especially for top WR money). Even Julius Peppers, who I really wanted, got a record breaking deal last year for his ability to get to the QB and only delivered 8 sacks for the Bears in 2010. And let's not even getting started on their acquisition of their "franchise" QB who hasn't been close to franchise. The Bears have spend a lot of money to build a team through free agency and they haven't gotten any further to a Championship than the Pats have other than they did win a playoff game against a 7-9 Seahawks team that won its division by default not because they earned it.
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  19. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    Stop it. The Pats being cheap and not spending because of Patriots Place is a falicy. You are not ungrateful. You are misinformed. Other than silly hypotheses by Michael Felger and irate fans, where is the evidence that the Pats have not spent on players because of Patriots Place? There is none.

    If anything, I think the Pats overspent this offseason.
  20. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

    #75 Jersey

    I agree. I believe Belichick is in it to win every year and a lot of times, for him, that means ejecting players that are not 100% dedicated to improve overall team chemistry.

    Let's take the premise that spending money on highly sought after free agents indicates you are in it to win. Adalius Thomas was the most prized free agent that year, and landed a very nice long term contract with 20 million guaranteed. a couple years later, he was the biggest reason we stunk it up against the Ravens.

    Wes Welker was an UDFA we "overpaid" by trading a second round pick. Brady was a 6th rounder starting at 4th string who replaced the highest paid QB in football.

    I really don't care how long you've had season tickets, or how much you've paid. You've shown here you have no conception of what makes up a winning team and your gripes are laughable, maybe you should send Krafty an email to complain about your fan experience.

    As a matter of fact, you should ask him to fire Belichick and go back to taking more interest in player contracts, so we can go back to these super successful squads when money was no object and half the payroll consisted of huge contracts for Bledsoe, Rucci, Max Lane, Milloy and Law (one out of five worth it).
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