Last Time Patriots' Played In A Regular Season NFL Classic?

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Xave, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Not a dyed-in-the-wool Patriots' diehard, yet I closely follow the AFC and its power shifts over time.

    My friends and I are into identifying classic NFL games (our definition; signature games that leave an indelible mark upon the league). When we were discussing the Pats the other night, and after ruling out all Super Bowl performances, we agreed that the last regular season NFL Classic for New England was on 12/29/07, when 15-0 NEP rallied from 28-16 with 22 unanswered points against the New York Giants to finish 2007 with an unblemished record. Naturally, an array of games since 2007 came into contention during the chat.

    Any takers? Cheers.
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    The Bills game last year would be considered a classic by non Patriots fans. The Bills having lost 15 straight or whatever it was rallied from 21 down.

    The Packers game in 2010 with a backup almost bringing them back would qualify.

    James Sanders picking off Peyton Manning to end that comeback in 2010.

    2009 opening night against the Bills Brady after a year off leading them back for a 1 point victory.

    4th and 2 vs the Colts as much as I hate that game.

    Both Regular season game and the 2011 playoff game vs the Ravens all qualify.
  3. Xave

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    Yes, I agree that those games meet the standard.

    Another classic game that Pats' fans surely distasteful is the contest on 11/30/08 when the Steelers unleashed 30 unanswered points for a 33-10 victory over standing conference defender NEP. Reserve quarterback Cassel took a pounding in that meeting, if I correctly remember.

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