Ladies and Gentlemen, our next opponent - the Titans

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NYCPatsFan, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. NYCPatsFan

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    In an effort to move on, I thought of creating this thread that hopefully meets Ian's general guidelines. :)

    The news of Titan's second CB breaking his arm is old by now but curious to know the board's thoughts on the 0-5 Titans, who have a rep for playing a bit dirty.

    Titans' Harper out up to 6 weeks with broken arm - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

    The 0-5 is going to be make them hungry no doubt.

    I am tired of seeing every QB torch our D and pray that Vince Young, assuming he starts, does NOT run all over us or has 100 yard passes that will make him look like a genius. ;)

    In fact, everytime the opponent has the ball, my stomach has jitters that get powerful every nanosecond aided by this nasty suspicion that they are bound to have the first down and more. :( Guess I have to look at the bright side that this stomach churns have now been going on for the last three years. :|

    Reading Bruschi's article on how our D was forced to play so vanilla in the last game and watching the Jets and Fins D last night made me yearn for the 2001 Pats D that was always confounding and confusing the opponent. Gosh, that sounds so long ago...
  2. PatsDeb

    PatsDeb Supporter Supporter

    I don't see our D as getting torched, so much, as picked apart because there is no pass rush and the secondary plays way off the receivers. Opposing QBs have time for someone to come free in the middle of the field, behind our D-line and in front of our secondary. They make a 7 yd. throw, and they get another 5 yds. before someone from the secondary can tackle them. It is maddening to watch week after week (and frankly, at this point, year after year). We need some fast LBs (or safeties?) who can patrol the middle of the field and either knock down the passes or intercept them. Tedy B. in your prime where are you?!? We need a serious bump of opposing receivers, we need a decent pass rush and we need to cover the middle of the field. This keep everything in front of you gets old fast when the other side goes up & down the field on every possession. When the game is early and the D is fresh they are able to "bend don't break." But the breaks start happening as the D gets tired.

    Whew. All that being said, the Titans seriously stink, and if the Pats can't pull this one out then my hopes for this season will be considerably dimmed. They have no O, and whether it's Vince Young or Kerry Collins out there, we should cruise. Brady will figure things out, IMO and get back on track.


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    Better concentrate on Chris Johnson who can torch this front 7 if the DL is not up to task. - I am not so concerned about Young and the passing game.
  4. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    Not sure their team is as bad as their record, they lost close winnable games v. Pittsburgh, NY Jets, and Houston. The Jax game was 20-13 IIRC, then a really bad replay call made it 27-13, then a 4th quarter TD made it 34-13. The bad call kind of took the wind out of them, but the game was close.

    I expect a closer game than most, but also think our team will work their butts off this wk. Hopefully we win by 20+ so I can relax for a change.


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    If we somehow lose this game to a winless team I can see Patriots Nation downright suicidal like last year when Brady went down.
  6. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

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    They'll play the WR more aggressively this week, they aren't a threat unlike Marshall and Royal. Totally different situation this week IMO.
  7. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    they will beat the titans

    but not the way every one would want to beat a 0-5 team

    the pats will have a hard time beating them 17 to 14


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    This should be a low scoring game and maybe the last chance for Galloway to show he is not a waste of an aging WR.
  9. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    At this rate, the Titan's waterboys may be suiting up to start at CB for the Titans. They are significantly injured in that area. The Pats should be able to pass all over the Titans.
  10. Big-T

    Big-T Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    If Collins is starting I'd expect to see a more aggressive D with blitzes & bump & run, but if it's VY holding off and make him throw the short-medium passes would be to the Patriots advantage, because it's not exactly VY'S strength is it? and because of Chris Johnson McGowan or Merriweather should be in the box.

    21-10 Pats win with Collins starting
    28-3 Pats win with VY starting
  11. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    Tenn is desperate big-time, but so are the Pats. I look for the Pats to hang 30for the 1st time this year.


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    The Loss of Haynesworth from the Titans front 4 might be the biggest loss of any team this year,He was truly the dominant force getting them to crush offenses on thier way to 13 wins last season
  13. NYCPatsFan

    NYCPatsFan In the Starting Line-Up

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    I sincerely hope that happens and gives a Brady a good opportunity to start correcting his errant throws.
  14. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

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    I remember seeing a stat last yr with and without Haynesworth, due to his injury. It was absolutely incredible, couldn't believe the difference. I think it was rushing yds allowed, points allowed, and record.

    They gambled and lost that one,IMO. Although I didn't expect the difference to be so drastic either, I still thought they'd contend.
  15. thechris

    thechris Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Titans are desperate and I'm sure Fischer will have them ready to play. I too fear Chris Johnson running all over our defense. This game should be really tough for the Patriots.
  16. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah Supporter Supporter

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    Remember people, we have the Tits #2 draft pick next April. Let's do our part to make it a good one.
  17. Xplicit

    Xplicit On the Game Day Roster

    If Brady and the offense doesnt break out Sunday, I will be very worried going ahead. No reason with all those weapons that they cant score at will and at home.
  18. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Titans Stats

    Titans Offensive Stats & Rankings
    Yards per Game: 335.8 (17th)
    Points per Game: 16.8 (24th)
    Yards per Play: 5.3 (16th)
    1st Downs per Game: 17.0 (23rd)
    3rd Down Conversion: 38% (15th)
    Penalties Against: 31 (22nd)
    Penalty Yards Against: 264 (23rd)
    Time of Possession: 26:47 (29th)
    Fumbles: 9 (23rd)
    Fumbles Lost: 6 (29th)
    Total Giveaways: 13 (31st)
    Turnover Margin: minus 5 (28th)

    Passing Yards per Game: 208.2 (21st)
    Pass Completion Rate: 56.4 (27th)
    Pass Attempts per Game: 37.6 (5th)
    Passing Yards per Attempt: 5.7 (28th)
    Passing Touchdowns: 5 (23rd)
    Interceptions: 7 (28th)
    Pass plays of 20+ yards: 8 (28th)
    Pass plays of 40+ yards: 3 (9th)
    Sacked: 6 (6th)
    Yards lost on sacks: 37 (5th)
    QB Rating: 66.3 (28th)

    Rushing Yards per Game: 127.6 (8th)
    Rushing Attempts per Game: 24.0 (26th)
    Rushing Yards per Attempt: 5.3 (2nd)
    Rushing Touchdowns: 4 (12th)
    Rushing plays of 20+ yards: 5 (2nd)
    Rushing plays of 40+ yards: 2 (1st)

    Titans Defensive Stats & Rankings
    Yards per Game: 363.0 (23rd)
    Points per Game: 27.8 (29th)
    Yards per Play: 5.4 (17th)
    1st Downs per Game: 20.2 (23rd)
    3rd Down Conversion: 37% (14th)
    Penalties Against: 26 (11th)
    Penalty Yards Against: 203 (10th)
    Forced Fumbles: 4 (20th)
    Fumbles Recovered: 4 (9th)
    Total Giveaways: 13 (31st)
    Turnover Margin: minus 5 (28th)

    Passing Yards per Game: 287.6 (31st)
    Pass Completion Rate: 71.5 (31st)
    Pass Attempts per Game: 38.6 (30th)
    Passing Yards per Attempt: 7.9 (25th)
    Passing Touchdowns: 13 (31st)
    Interceptions: 4 (16th)
    Pass plays of 20+ yards: 17 (27th)
    Pass plays of 40+ yards: 3 (19th)
    Sacks: 9 (19th)
    Sack Yardage: 85 (8th)
    Opponent QB Rating: 108.4 (30th)

    Rushing Yards per Game: 75.4 (3rd)
    Rushing Attempts per Game: 27.2 (19th)
    Rushing Yards per Attempt: 2.8 (1st)
    Rushing Touchdowns: 3 (9th)
    Rushing plays of 20+ yards: 0 (1st)
    Rushing plays of 40+ yards: 0 (1st)

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    They should've beaten Pittsburgh and NYJ. Fischer is a very good coach. This game won't easy by any means IMO.
  20. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    As long as by 'ready' we don't see a sequel to Fischer and the rest of the Titans' cheering Bobby Wade for ending Rodney Harrison's season with a dirty hit.

    I would assume Chris Johnson will be primary focus of this week's defensive game plan. Even though he has very impressive stats - he ranks second in the NFL in rushing yardage - it is very much skewed by that one game against Houston. In all the other games Johnson is averaging 15.5 rushing attempts for 68 yards (4.4 ypc), and less than two catches for under ten yards per game. In addition the game against the Texans was the only one he scored a touchdown in this year.
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