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    quite a funny article as a whole...the media always seems to be hoping the pats fail so they can switch to their red sox mode to criticize BB and the team at any opportunity they get
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    sorry but i happen to agree to a certain extent. This whole personal bull**it BB has with Mangini is childish. He should just move on and accept the fact that Mangini decided that getting a head coaching job with the jets was the best way for him to move up the ladder.

    This happens in every profession in life. It's ok to not like it, but when it starts affecting how the team might play with all this bulletin board material and the like, maybe it's time to sweep this under the rug and move on
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    Look, the average sports reporter around here does not seem to write or think very well, and there is no reason to further their muckraking. This story's angle is illogical...perhaps Coles and co. were fired up, no doubt because of Mangini stirring the pot for his own benefit. Where is there any indication that Belichick was distracted?

    A better argument would have been that BB should have taken the lead in defusing this NY-media-concocted nonsense with some choice compliments and the usual sucking-up that coaches do each week, rather than stubbornly avoid the subject which the backbiters and chickenhawks insist on covering, like gossip colmnists rather than football men. But that is not what the writer said...

    Moreover, although it has been hashed out ad nauseam in these pages, it seems unlikely that Belichick is upset with Mangini over getting a new job, and rather that there seems to have been some problems since then, perhaps concerning Branch, perhaps concerning other players.
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    and its always easy for coles to say this after a win..
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    Especially considering that, with all respect to the jesters, we lost that game more than they won it. The jesters were the better team more through our mistakes than their plays. We'll see who's still in it come playoff time, Bill or Eric.

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