Kyle Eckel: A special calling to be a New England Patriot

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    Two thoughts:

    (1) Anyone else think the 2005 season might have turned out a bit differently if they had kept Eckel on the roster so Saban couldn't poach him? [Amos Zeroue, anyone?]

    (2) Honestly, Eckel seems to get the love Belichick normally reserves for TEs. :)

    That said, at the moment, I think Evans > Eckel. But I think Evans can probably see Eckel in his rear-view mirror.
  3. psychoPat

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    There are good football reasons to want to keep Kyle close.

    The (dropped) assault charge in Maryland is not among them.
  4. Hoodie

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    what?! I thought the dropped assault charge was against Baugher and was in Plymouth.
  5. old 55

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    If Eckel can show the kind of performance he exhibited when he was here before, then he is a great choice for FB depth so that we aren't using DL & OL players. I think he's got great upside and hopefully will progress with good coaching to the point were he is ready for a full roster spot.
  6. patsfan209

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    I didn't even know Eckel came back!

    I liked him a lot when he was here in preseason a year or two ago.

    Evans and Eckel is not such a bad tandem if BB allows two FBs on the team sometime...
  7. psychoPat

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    That too.

    But Eckel's was sexual ... in Anne Arundel county ...
    and may be entangled with his dismissal from the navy. (Not reported as discharge.)
  8. Pat the Pats Fan

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    The Navy link might have something to do with it... why Belichick loves Eckel, that is.........
  9. spacecrime

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    We sure could have used a running back in Denver!
  10. kolbitr

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  11. psychoPat

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    Judgment ... self-control ... perhaps questionable.

    But no dummies graduate from Annapolis ... or its service academy counterparts.
  12. kolbitr

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    Thanks for that clarification. I was of course speaking precisely of those traits. The fact that he ranked last in his class, no matter how exceptional the class, despite his considerable physical gifts, suggests that discipline may have been a weakness.
  13. ClevTrev

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    And let's see how he conducts his professional football career. I know the Pats had plans for practice squad in 2005 until Saban claimed him. It's also the reason the team picked up Evans later. My guess is that this guy will be a solid citizen going forward. He has no choice, and he's ended up with the team that originally showed interest.

    Let's hope we have the same opportunity to reclaim Rogers and Mills.
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  14. signbabybrady

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    I dont know how good he really is ( IMO good) but he was fun to watch in camp. He had a motor that reminded me of rudy, and I was chanting Eckle's name when I was there at camp (which was alot that year). I remember one play which was on one on one LB RB drills. Eckle vs Chad Brown- The two of them met and on contact chad went down and Eckles momentem took him over chad staying on his feet and steping on chad (not intentially). It was a physical play and it was cool to see.

    and now he is back, at the very least it should keep Evans on his toes and Evans has been the kind of guy who has been up and down.

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