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    Anyone else catch him on WEEI....he seems like a good fit, basically said he didnt mind comming in here and playing a role for NE. Also had alot of praise for BB and was excited about playing with brady...something along those lines. Seems like a good guy, they were joking around telling him its about 2 degrees here while hes down there in jacksonville so he better get ready...i only caught hte tail end, did he say anything else interesting...

    Something that stuck was that he said that no player can pass up an opportunity to come and play for NE, and that they have done a really good job of finding guys (like dillon) that want to spend their last few years on a team ready to be contenders..
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    We're becomming the Yankees in FA players eyes.



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    I caught the beginning of this softball interview and he didn't seem like a good fit at all... he called BB a "schmuck" and complained openly about being behind Ben Watson and David Thomas on the tight end depth chart. Also said the Pats running a spread offense meant Brady wasn't going to get him the ball enough even if he was starting... Seemed like a bad guy, every time a joke was made about Jacksonville he sat there for four seconds in silence before saying something like "That's not funny." But I guess he really opened up towards the end...

    One part that was really memorable was when he said that he would gladly have passed up the "opportunity" to play for NE because they have a habit of being the graveyard for once-great players like himself and Dillon. He said don't be surprised if he gets injured halfway through the season because they asked him to do something completely unreasonable for a man his age.
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    Hope that answered your question.
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