Kraft interviewed on CNBC

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, May 14, 2008.

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    Did anyone see it..
  2. goz421

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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    It shows how little he knows about football. Now I'm a coach of basketball, but I can easily see how the film was used and why teams were taken who they only played once that year. Coach BB is more thorough then most. They taped all signals, after the game put it in a data base. Kept records on every coach. Tried to decipher when they changed signals, and how many types of signals were used. Had people with radios and binoculars refering to this data base. Then stealing signs from legal use.

    It is quite simple to figure out, and I would say ingenious by coach BB..

    It is legal, except for the spot in which they taped the signals. Why did coach not use high tech cameras for the same purpose from the stands? Think about this closely. The same end would be achieved and never noticed.

    I really think he felt justified,and safe that nothing ould happen.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    Ignoring the move away from the point from goz421, I saw most of it - Kraft looked and sounded really good. And he pointed out that we were 18-1 despite not having the camera; so . . .

    Anyway he sounded great and got me fired up for September.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    the meathead and mangirl just said how they caught kraft in a lie because walsh told goodell that he was told to be discrete and when cnbc asked kraft about cheating he said they misinterpreted the rule.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    I coach too and no matter how extensive this "database" became, it could not have helped much. It could not have helped tell them when the signals changed and/or what they changed to. It would have been too cumbersome to staff a lot of people for this effort, so I doubt they had many people working on something that had such low potential to influence a game.
  6. upstater1

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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    Well, the two Mikes have a right to take the word of Walsh over Kraft.

    After all, Kraft lied on his resume, made stuff up about the walktrhough, and put sharp blades on his roommate's mattress while in college.

    Oh wait....
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    And, of course, we know the facts that Matt Estrella WAS NOT:

    - wearing Patriots staff clothing

    - filming in plain view on the sidelines in front of 78,000 New Yorkers (OK, 20,000 NE'ers and 58,000 New Yorkers)

    - filming just across from the NFL Coach who was most bitterly entrenched against BB after more than 14 years of working by his side.

    - filming not 8 miles away from the NFL Commisioner's office - - the folks who issued the upgraded directive days before.

    That's concealment???? Sure! Mike and Mike probably think Madonna is a quiet, demur, humble lady.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    I switched on to CNBC this morning while Bob Kraft's interview was going on. I saw him take a shot at Arlen Spector. He said something to the effect that he will let the good people of PA voice their opinion on Spector's official priorities and use of time.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    A lot of people will look to that. Of course, it makes sense to be discreet even if it has nothing to do with a belief that you're doing something wrong, which was probably not touched upon. Why draw attention to the cameraman who's trying to steal signals? If the opponent sees him trying to steal the signals, they might change up what they're doing and make the taping useless.

    In baseball, if you try to steal signs, you do it as covertly as possible. If not, you end up with the pitcher drilling you in the back. There's a reason it's called 'stealing' signs and not 'asking the other team to give you all of their' signs. I'm not saying BB knew it was wrong, and I'm not saying he didn't, because I don't know which it is. I'm saying doing this in a covert fashion is smart under either circumstance.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    I think your final phrase is very perceptive; BB felt "safe that nothing [w]ould happen."

    This seems to be a characteristic flaw that is found among highly driven, highly accomplished folks that they somehow feel they are invincible. I'm going to reread Halberstam's book this summer to see if he picked up any of this. I wasn't looking for it on my first read, but now I'm keen to go thorugh it again.

    BTW, welcome to the board. I'd also often thought that they just should have put a couple of people in the stands with hi-tech cameras if they wanted to risk breaking the rules.
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    Re: Kraft was on CNBC

    He felt safe because the NFL told him in 2006 that "That's football" and that "the Jets obtained permission to steal signals with tape" and thereby break the rules.

    Given those NFL statements, wouldn't you feel safe?
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