Kobe: What's it like to be the Greatest.

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by scout, Jun 3, 2009.

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    ESPN is doing a segment tonight with Kobe Bryant and the title is something along that line.
    WTF? I refuse to watch but will comment on anyone who wants to make a case for Bryant. I'm guessing by the segment's title that ESPN is suggesting that there's an argument for him being the best player ever.
    In every one's prime, I'm not sure he's the best Laker ever. His next ring will be his first without Shaq. Jerry West anyone? Did you see how many points LeBron was short of breaking Jerry's points in a playoff series ? Who did Jordan have? A center that almost sucked, tho, he had a forward who stated he was better then Bird. Quite honestly, I'm taking Bird before I take Kobe. Not to mention, people forget past greats and automatically figure they can't play in today's game. I give you Bill Russell. Anyone want to take Kobe over Russell? Oh, and before you snicker youngster, Russell could jump over Kobe (set record high jump U.S.F). Too bad they didn't keep track of blocks back then because Russell would own it like Dimaggio's hitting streak. Red stated, 9 out of 10 of Russell's blocks went to a Celtic.
    Yea, Kobe is the best. It's a damn shame he had that beginner's luck thing in Colorado.
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    The media also has these bits trying to make Kobe look like a good teammate, which is really amusing to watch.

    I'd rather have John Stockton on my team before Kobe, among the all time greats.
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    I'm not a fan of Michael Jordan but until Kobe can match his six NBA titles, his ten scoring titles among other titles Kobe needs to keep quiet.

    He's good, but he isn't up on Michael's level...not even close yet.

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