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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Livinlarge, Nov 15, 2012.

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    First trip to Gillette, daughter goes to school in Salem, surprised her with tickets to the Patriots and Niners game, club level 33 seats. Question is parking and where. Should I buy space in Club parking or save the bucks and do general parking? Not concerned with tailgating, any suggestions on making the whole experience one to remember for her? Thanks in advance for any and all info. We're looking to have a GREAT time!
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    From what I have seen commented here over the years I might suggest parking away from the stadium in a private lot, and walking the half mile or mile to the stadium. If you do that just be sure you park in a lot that is before you get to the stadium so you avoid going past the stadium (and all that traffic) again when you exit.

    Enjoy the game!

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