Knicks & Marbury have reached agreement on a buyout

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by WhiskeyBreath, Feb 24, 2009.

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  3. D-Money

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    I would prefer a wing player but he wants to play for the Cs.
  4. captain insano

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    JAYHAWKS34 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    all true but his contract with have many clauses like D. Miles had so the moment he becomes a distraction they will release him
  6. Real World

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    Marbury is a done deal. He'll be here Friday. It's a gamble no doubt, but the release is that you can always send him packing if he acts up. Clearly though, the Celtics need someone who can score on the second unit (create their own shot), while also acting as a ball hander versus pressure, when Rondo is on the bench. It's a good signing that is risky due to Starbury's history of being a selfish malcontent.
  7. scout

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    All odds should be on Marbury getting in line and being a good soldier. He knows what its like playing with Garnett. In addition, he has Pierce and Ray Allan looking over his shoulder. He's going to the defending NBA champions and has not played this year. If thats not enough, he SHOULD have a pretty good idea that this is probably his last least in this country. That being said, who knows.
  8. patsfanofNC12

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    It's a good move, he either produces and adds for us an extra-dimension if Rondo gets in a bad streak, or he acts up (which is highly unlikely among the big 3) and we cut his a** right then. Great move by C's!
  9. captain insano

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    the marbury signing has zero risk. you said so yourself. if he becomes a pain in the ass they just release him. its not like marbury has any chance of changing the culture of a championship team in 25 games. not with vets like pierce allen and kg on the team. if he works great. if he doesnt they lose nothing.
  10. maverick4

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    Ask the portland trailblazers about having bad influence on the team.

    Marbury is going to ruin Rondo. Rondo right now is a rising star, he does not need to have the presence of the NBA AIDS virus backing him up and polluting him.
  11. captain insano

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    lmao. give me a break:D
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    Starbury man

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