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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by 12+81=TD, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. 12+81=TD

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    This is getting really stupid, really fast. ESPN just uses the Pats for hits and headlines, so does every slinky (read: shi**y) reporter with no name out there.

    Why? Because they ARE still THE DYNASTY to beat.

    They thrive on it, look at "Spygate" last year, everyone knows it was nothing, no one even speaks of it anymore. Trust me, I live in Indiana...wear Pats gear at LEAST 3-4x a week (Hats, Jersey, Credit Card {5 layers baby}, etc.) and I don't hear a peep about cheating anymore...even from die-hard Colt fans. (Although amazingly enough I hear alot of well wishes for Brady)

    Until I hear all of these...he said, she said...reports from TOM BRADY'S mouth, I refuse to listen to any of them.

    Tom will be fine, he is an outstanding athlete and this is his first serious injury. I believe he will heal fast and be ready for next year, regardless of otherwise stated "reports".

    Cheer up Patriot Nation, we are still in the hunt and teams must still game plan around the Pats. Yes, the Pats are still feared even without Tom Brady.

  2. nashvillepatsfan

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    good thread title man.
  3. NJPatsfan26

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    Very well said....

    GO PATS!!!
  4. 12+81=TD

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    I appreciate the laughter and good will, but I am dead serious. I am really getting sick of this. I haven't been a Pats fan as long as a lot of you, hell...I didn't even watch football, nor understand it until 1993* (I was 19, didn't care about sports). But the way the media treats this team, OUR team, is truly starting to get under my skin.

    *As a by note, in '93 I chose the Pats to be my favorite, because the league in general laughed at them. I could identify. (Nothing personal)

    It is really getting to the point of pointless....oxymoron anyone?

    God da*m, Peyton had knee surgery, it got infected. Was it on TMZ? Insider? PEOPLE MAGAZINE? ESPN? Radio? I could go on for days.

    Leave the man alone, they are basing (Read : making up) stories off of what sells them papers, gets them hits....READ : MONEY.

    What do we do as fans of the greatest player ever? We eat it up like a damn gingerbread cookie. Do yourself and the Patriots a favor, don't bother to read it, laugh...knowing they are still the team to beat.

    As fans we need not do but one thing: Pray for Brady to be healthy, I don't care if he plays again, he gave us what we wanted as fans. Superbowls and bragging rights.

    Support Cassel, Support the Patriots as a Team.

    But by far, we must support each other.

    /rant off
  5. nashvillepatsfan

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    I hear ya. We just have to ignore the idiots out there (and the ones on here).
  6. Pats726

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    Good points....
  7. 12+81=TD

    12+81=TD On the Game Day Roster

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    "Optimistically, once you get this under control and you can save that graft and win the infection battle -- which apparently from what I gather he is winning -- once the healing process catches back up, it really doesn't set him behind to any degree relative to the overall healing process. The main thing is to save the graft."

    Imagine that, Tom Brady....WINNING.


    Media = :scream:
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