Kirwan - #1 Week 4 Unsung Hero; Scarneccia

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BelichickFan, Oct 4, 2006.

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    It's really about time we see his name mentioned outside this board and Patriots Football Weekly.

    Dante - you rock!:rocker:
  3. flutie2phelan

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    Dante indeed DOES rock!

    But that doesn't mean i want every college AD in America to start thinking about him.
    (The pro GMs already know.)
  4. JoeSixPat

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    I just really don't think that Dante wants to be anywhere else but here. Every coach that has come in here knows what value he brings and has kept him here... and I think he's really done a great job coaching the OL.

    He could easilly be a OC wherever he wanted and the fact that his name is never mentioned IMO is because everyone knows he would never leave.

    I'm not sure he has the right personality for it, but from an X & Os perspective he'd make a great head coach - and is really our defacto backup head coach if/when BB might not be available on game day

    So I'm glad to see Dante get some recognition.

    But I'd also say that Dean Peas has done a great job thus far - and the fact that his name has hardly been mentioned reaffirms this... when the DC is being mentioned instead of the HC, it usually means he's not done his job well - so I also think Peas deserves some more appreciation.
  5. Amnorix

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    I think it is extremely fair to say that Dante is a Patriot until he retires. He's been here since Ron Meyer in '82 or something, and left for ONE season (joining the Colts, :eek: ) in the late 80s, and then coming back.

    He likes it here, would HATE to be a head coach (clear from his personality) and would hate it ten times as much if he were a college HC, because he hates the spotlight, hates teh media, and I strongly suspect would hate going into the homes of 18 year olds and pumping their parents' fists and saying how much he would love to have little Bobby or Ricky or whoever join his team next year.

    He is, in a word, our version of Monte Kiffin. An old pro coach who doesn't want to be a head coach, and is happy to stay where he is forever, and whom everyone respects, and nobody would fire.

    I'll do what Kirwan wouldn't (think I haven't forgotten any), and not necessarily in order:

    1. Ron Meyer
    2. Raymond Berry
    3. Rod Rust
    4. Dick MacPherson
    5. Bill Parcells
    6. Pete Carroll
    7. Bill Belichick

    THAT's how long he's been around. :eek: :eek: Freaking Reagan administration...
  6. Amnorix

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    Just for the record, and for anyone too young to know -- Dante was acting HC of the Pats once long ago. Think it was when Dick MacPherson left the team for the last 2 games for ulcer or nerves or some darn thing.

    Can't remember precisely, but he was acting HC for at least 1 game at some point prior to the Parcells era.
  7. jczxohn1

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    IIRC, his title is Ass't Head coach. At least it was when BB's dad died. Dante ran the practices and I think he coached that game.

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