Keyshawn just owned Jackson!!!!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Jr., Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Jr.

    Jr. Banned

    Keyshawn: hypothectically, we are playing baseball and the score is 15-0 at the bottom 8th, what should i do?

    Tj:...*speechless* *mumbles* lol!!!!
  2. Patsmaniac

    Patsmaniac Practice Squad Player

    As was Parcells. I loved it. Parcells talking about a team with a lead that kicked the fieldgoal and the other team complaining after the game. BB was in and is in a no win situation.....I am begining to love Keyshawn
  3. jman924

    jman924 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The Swami brought up an interesting point.
    "Second half of the AFCCG. You know that HAS to be lingering."
  4. IndyKen

    IndyKen Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Dead on...IMO, that's what shaped the off season we had.
  5. chunkypony

    chunkypony Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I think it has shaped our actual season as well. Many posters have brought up the point that we had a comfortable lead in the AFCCG and tried to sit on it, and we ended up losing. BB realized that no lead is safe, especially against the Colts; he went out, got the personnel, and is now playing the game with no mercy. I'm sure spygate helped his strategy this year, too.
  6. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #12 Jersey

    Exactly , the pats had a 21-3 lead and lost, you dont think Belichick thinks that... its never enought until the clock says 0
  7. ColtinIraq

    ColtinIraq Banned

    I can see this. He's a Pats kind of player.
  8. NYPatsFan

    NYPatsFan On the Game Day Roster

    Yeah, he plays to win.
  9. Bobs My Uncle

    Bobs My Uncle Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    It's a shame Key never got a chance to play for BB in NE.
  10. Canada's #1 Pats Fan

    Canada's #1 Pats Fan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    we are one or two WR injuries away where he could get a chance. That's all Key. is doing, he is letting BB know that there is still a desire on his part to win. LOL.
  11. Patriot Power

    Patriot Power On the Game Day Roster

    Had they not already acquired Moss, I think that would have been a foregone conclusion after the Panthers released him.
  12. wpdougie2180

    wpdougie2180 On the Game Day Roster

    Wasn't there rumors that they were interested in Keyshawn after the Moss trade and before he retired I know I read it somewhere.
  13. Captain Cool

    Captain Cool Practice Squad Player

    #12 Jersey

    I hated Keyshawn as a player, but I am liking him as an analyst. He speaks his mind in a less annoying way than Deion.

    Terrell Davis was also pretty good on the whole running up the score thing. His theory is that in 50 years, this Patriots team will be remembered as a great team because of the points they are putting up. This will be the measure that will ensure their legacy as a great team.

    Of course, going 19-0 would do the trick as well.;)
  14. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    While I disagree with Keyshawn on this one, I do like him as an anylist. His baseball refernce refered to points and not not runs.
  15. LoveDemPats

    LoveDemPats Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I think that the pats kinda struggled in the second half of games in years past, and I think that this year, there will be no struggle. They want to win. They know that NFL seasons are precious. Brady knows that if he really wants to put a stamp on it all, he has to go full tilt for every game. None of this letting up crap.

    You guys must remember those games where they would be cruising during the first half, and come out flat in the second? Hand off to Cory and get stuffed and all that bs. Never again. (it wasn't cory's fault, just over all team intensity)
  16. jimmyjames

    jimmyjames On the Game Day Roster

    Pats controlling the ball - even if it means throwing - speeds up the game way more than handing the ball back to the other team and having them go through the futile act of trying to score meaningless points and taking timeouts and failing to complete long passes.

    If teams feel they are being embarrassed than their coach should kindly inform the referrees that they forfeit. Otherwise STFU and man-up and try to stop them. Both teams are playing by the same set of rules.
  17. Tommysgirl

    Tommysgirl Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    What kind of player might that be?
  18. mtbykr

    mtbykr Supporter Supporter

    #37 Jersey

    Keyshawn and Parcells were great...TJ looked just stupid which is appropriate! I thought the Parcells points were key; it's a no-win situation....if you kneel, kick a FG, ect..some-body's going to be upset!

    NENGFAN On the Game Day Roster

    I have gained loads of respect for Parcells. Even though he and BB don't like each other at all - he has come in his defense regarding spy-gate and now running up the score. Kudos to him for being objective.
  20. mosi

    mosi 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #12 Jersey

    Add me to this list. I have been saying this all year long. Bill has gone crazy and I think he is terrified of loosing another game like last year. That sort of play put way too much strain on the defense and caused the collapse. If we could win the colts game 100-0 we would.
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