Kevin Curtis and Kelley Washington - 2 Talented Receivers up to surface

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. PATRIOT64

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    Its nice to see 2 talented WRs like Kevin Curtis and Kelley Washington getting a good chance to finally be a starting WR on their respective teams while waiting patiently for a chance to be a top receiver.

    Curtis sat for years waiting to be a top star receiver behind all the good ones at St. Louis while Washington albeit banged up many times was still not able to crack the regular WR set with all the good WRs in Cincy.

    Lets hope both Curtis and Washington show that sitting behind their teams starting WR sets for a few years was a waste to their true talents,They have a chance to prove it now and hope both do well.

    Curtis should more than make up for the loss of Donte Stallworth in Philly and in NE Washington should more than fill the shoes of David Givens if health issues are not a concern. (Givens despite not being here last year is truly the best WR in Patriots in past years to compare him to, size ect)

    Curtis most definately barring injury will be a starting wideout and probably #1 there.. Washington will likely have to work for it but I think theres no doubt he can be a Givens type player here and be a main WR attraction opposite Stallworth.
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  2. notex

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    i will say this....Curtis played behind much better receivers and proved himself better....i think Washington has alot more to prove then Curtis at this point in time. Washington has a good chance of not even making the roster....(caldwell,gaffney,brown,stallworth,jackson,bam,kight ect... might have a say in that)....
    I like the washington signing alot because i think the kids got alot of talent, but i feel bad for him because hes really going to have to turn some heads to get noticed...

    heres my breakdown for washington....
    Caldwell and Gaffney - wont simply be forgotten from last year (tom brady likes to create chemistry with WR as does any QB), so they will be targets automotically....
    Brown - if he comes back there isnt much to be said, tom brady will throw at him...enough said could probably find his picture next to the definition of "reliable" in the dictionary
    Stallworth - too much talent not to get some some looks...Brady loves the deep ball, Stallworth should emerge...
    Jackson - dont really wanna get into it, but he seems to be about in the same boat as washington....
    Bam - just this guy...
    Kight - Ditto...wish we had room for all these guys

    i sorta went off about washington, but i guess my point is (a point you already made but i am trying to reinforce) that washington has his work cut out for him to even make the roster...
  3. VJCPatriot

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    I'm would DISagree with the statement that Curtis played behind much better wide receivers than Washington.

    St Louis -
    8th Torry Holt 93 1188
    13th Isaac Bruce 74 1098

    Cincinatti -
    1st Chad Johnson 87 1369
    16th Houshmandzadeh 90 1081

    I think that Chad Johnson was clearly the best wide receiver in the NFL last year. And that both wide receiver squads are comparable in quality.
    Both Curtis and Washington were buried behind superior talent. Now you may make an argument that Curtis might be a better fit for the Pats system or a better wide receiver.
    But the argument that St Louis receivers were vastly better than Cinci? I just don't see it. Sorry. And both teams had very good QBs as well in Bulger and Palmer.

    3rd Bulger 4,301
    5th Palmer 4,035
    7th Brady 3,529

    When you consider how few weapons Brady had and he still came in 7th overall in total yardage? Just imagine how awesome he is going to be with Stallworth, Welker, Washington to throw to in addition to last year's group of Caldwell, Gaffney, Brown (if he doesn't retire). 2007 is going to be a blow up year for the Pats offense. Mark my words.

    Stats courtesy of

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  4. notex

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    i honest to god think torry holt and issac bruce is one the best WR duo to team up ever....housh and CJ dont really do the same for me....not to take any credit from them, another great pair...

    i must have presented it wrong or you missed my point....Both were stuck behind two WR who they obviously werent going to start over (holt/bruce, housh/CJ) but obviously curtis was able to take advantage of being the "other" guy while Washington didnt....Henry cant even stay out of jail and both Housh and CJ got knocked out pretty bad during games this year, missing time, and i didnt see much from washington

    on the other hand, i was always impressed with curtis as a #3 on the rams

    that work for ya :singing:

    my point is that curtis has proved he can produce when called upon...and washington hasnt shown much of anything, so i wouldnt exactly put them in the same situation...i see curtis as the best WR on that team now (i like hank too!), while honestly dont know if washington will make the cut
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  5. VJCPatriot

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    Well if I were starting a team I'd take Chad Johnson over Holt at WR. He's younger and explosive. And I don't mind the antics so much. He's just having fun with the game, he's not doing it to be antagonistic imo. But feel free to disagree.

    As for Washington, whether or not he makes the team is up to him. He has pretty much signed a "prove it" deal with less guaranteed than I believe Curtis got to become the starter for Philly. So Yes Washington hasn't proved as much, but he's also a lower risk sign, received less bonus money, and if he works out we have a young receiver at a reasonable deal for the next 5 years. In the NFL I guess you get what you pay for. I like the combination of Stallworth/Washington because they project to be stretch the field + big RZ target which have been weaknesses for the Pats last season. I mean we have had possession receivers but not really that big red zone target or a guy that could keep the safeties honest with his deep play potential.

    I do think the success of the 2007's Pats offense will rest on Stallworth being the credible deep threat we know he can be. If Washington works out that is just the icing on top of the cake. I think Brady is VERY PLEASED to have some new toys to work with in 2007, not to mention he just hooked up with a super-model and got invited to meet the parents. 2007 is shaping up to be the Year of the Brady. :D
  6. Bostonian1962

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    Excellent post, and you pretty much hit it right on. My only thing though, is I think Washington's only chance not to make the team is if constant injury stuff keeps popping up. If he's always got a sore hammy, that could get old, and the team might say 'we can't get this guy on the field'. However, if he stays healthy, he's so talented, and would be the large target that Brady has, for the most part not had, that I think he makes the team.

    I like this problem of so many receivers. Kinda a nice change from last year.
  7. BradyManny

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    Something to keep in mind is Washington's eagerness to play ST, specifically as a gunner. That's something that gives him extra value at the back end of the receiving corps.
  8. PatsWickedPissah

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    If he stays healthy and exhibits learning, he could well displace a more fragile, less utilitarian member of the WR corps. Strong ST play makes a player a viable contender for the 53.
  9. BradyManny

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    Especially if they are fighting for the 5th spot on the depth chart. It wouldn't be an issue if he were going up against Stallworth, Welker or Caldwell for one of those top three spots.

    But as he's fighting Gaffney & Brown for spots 4 or 5, there's an expectation that Pats receivers at 4 or 5 on the wide receiver depth chart contribute on special teams.
  10. holyredeemer

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    I know I have been gone for a couple days, but can someone fill me on something? Did we lose Welker already?:eek:
  11. PatsFan37

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    He certainly said all the right things about STs, and that's key. As far as competing for playing time on offense, I've read that he's a crisp route runner, fights for the ball, and knows where the sidelines are. At 6'2" and nearly 220, he's as big as Rodney Harrison and doesn't come out on running downs. I agree with the poster who said he'll be a Givens type of receiver.

    Between Welker and Washington, they've got some elements of Branch and Givens all over again. But that's also true of Caldwell -- he's a little smaller than Washington, but he's a tough guy and he's faster. And Stallworth is someone Brady has never really had. And between Watson now in his third year and Thomas, real good pass-catching threats at TE.

    A lot of big, fast, smart receivers. Plus a smaller lightning bolt. Maybe Troy Brown, too. Wow.

    This will, by far, be the most exciting TC we've had in the passing game in the modern Patriot era.
  12. notex

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    my bad on the welker....thought i put him in
    and to whoever it was...i agree with you that CJ is the best receiver in the leauge right a big steve smith guy too. but over a long period of time the rams 1-2 punch has had that depth chart on lockdown since around 99, im guessin? bruce isnt what he used to be obviously...
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  13. Rob0729

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    The problem with your arguement is that Washington was a #4 WR behind Johnson, Hosyourmama, and Chris Henry while Curtis was the #3 WR.

    I still give Washington like a 60/40 chance of making the team. I would say of the three WRs we signed this year and Caldwell and Gaffney, Washington might be the one who is first to go.

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