Kerry Bryne :Broncos Best team

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by SVN, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. SVN

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    GOOD. Let them marinate in the spot light. Pats can take care of their business while Peyton and the Broncos get all the accolades. The Broncos defense does not scare me. The 49er defense did scare me and still does.
  3. ausbacker

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    I thought the only reason the Broncos were winning was Peyton Manning. What the?
  4. Claremonster

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    The Pats played the Donko's earlier didn't they? Did they win?

    The 49er's are considered the best defense in football, and the Pats put 34 on them.

    Donko's are pretty good, but, not that impressed.
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  5. PATS16N0

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    The NFL is a business. Sports-journalism is an arm of the NFL business.
    Hype is a part of good business. It's the equivalent of sports-propaganda.

    If all the networks were just saying "Denver is in a cake-walk division, has been squashed by every contender this season, barely beat teams like Kansas City, and has a guy at quarterback who chokes all the time in big games," nobody is going to be that excited to watch Denver's games.

    Remember when Sanchez got carried to the AFC Championship by his defense? Sports-media were calling him the next Brady and Manning.

    Remember Flacco in the beginning of the season? "IS FLACCO ELITE?!"

    I could go on and on and on.

    The play offs are going to start. Denver is going to get out classed and smashed by someone and Manning is going to throw 3 interceptions. They're going to lose, and the talking heads will magically forget everything they've said and move on to the next narrative "Who can stop the Patriots?"
    "Are the 49'ers stoppable?" "Will Seattle win it all?"

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Denver's bubble will get popped in epic fashion this season. Mark my words.
  6. KontradictioN

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    Denver has a good defense but they match up horribly with the Patriots offense.
  7. stcjones

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    AND if the Patriots had beated the 69'ers.....Kerry would have said that the Patriots were the best team......Non story and predicable.....NEXT!!!!
  8. Bingo ...

    Is it that their LBs are too small to muscle Gronk/Hernandez? Or is it that they're too slow? I think the former, but memory can't quite be sure.
  9. QB12

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  10. Sciz

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    1.5 players does not make an elite front 7
  11. IllegalContact

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    longest winning streak != best team
  12. dannydyn

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    We were also the best team back in 2007....

    ....until we got whooped in the SB by a wild card team.
  13. Ivan

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    I wonder how often Kerry Byrnes "best team" in December has won it all?

    Not too often would be my bet.
  14. eagle eye

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    Broncos have been beaten by both the Patriots and Texans. They just beat a banged up Ravens who have now lost three in a row and the media run wild like its some huge statement. You just gotta laugh at the hyperbole that surrounds the team that has Peyton Manning as QB.
  15. olschool

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    CHFF is all about statistics. Since Denver is ranked second in the league for both offense and defense, statistically Byrne could say that they're the best team in the AFC, behind first ranked SF.

    Fortunately, regular season stats mean little in the playoffs.
  16. Rob0729

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    FYI, in CHFF's final quality stats power ranking of 2011, Houston was ranked #1 (lost in the Division Round of the playoffs), New England was 8th (went to Super Bowl), and the Giants were 11th (won the Super Bowl).

    Cold, Hard Football The Truth Hurts

    They were right about the Super Bowl winners in 2010 and 2009. They were off in 2008 (the Giants were #1, Pittsburgh was #4, Arizon was 20th). Way off in 2007 (Giants were ranked 16th and Pats were ranked #1).

    In other words, CHFF's rankings are much better at picking Super Bowl champs based on their power ranking than any other publication's power ranking. Sometimes their rankings are right on target in predicting Super Bowl winners and others they are way off. It is the way the playoffs work.

    The only true way to judge the best team is the last team standing in January. They may not actually be the best team, but they are they are the best team in the one stat that matters - Super Bowl wins.
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  17. AZBroncoFan

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    To be expected I guess, lot's of blind homerism. For those ignorant Chowdaheads, maybe thy don't recall the game against the Broncos this year. First, let's start off by explaining what the Broncos were like at the beginning of the season. Manning was just a few games back from a year layoff, recovering from 4 neck surgeries. A new defensive coordinator was in town and trying to figure out which of those players would fit best in his scheme. Also the merging of offensive plays between offensive coordinator McCoy and Manning. McCoy had the offense installed for Tebow and then within a few short months of learning that Manning was coming to town, design an offense for him. So the Broncos of today, who have now had almost a full season to grow into these changes, are a much different team then they were the first few games of the year. Thus the 9 game winning streak. Yes, early on, the Broncos lost a few games, but to the best teams in the NFL, and actually all of those games made so many early mistakes, they were close to getting blown out. But the Broncos outplayed each of those teams (Pats, Texans, Falcons) in the 2nd halves, almost having won each of those games. At the same time, at least the Broncos haven't had losses to some inferior teams such as the Cardinals, Seahawks and so on. I'm sure the Pats fans were soaring high after destroying the Texans, but then they get bushwacked by the 49'ers, who in their own right, have lost games to the Rams, Seahawks and Vikings.

    I think the Pats are a great team. But don't pretend that going to Denver is going to be any cakewalk. I think the last time NE was in Denver, with a much worse defense and a QB by the name of Jake beat them. So a QB named Peyton Manning and a #2 ranked defense should make if anything a good challenge for the Pats. I understand you want to be confident and that's all good, but some of you on here have the homerism blinds pulled too far over the eyes. If you think going to Denver is going to be easy, I think the Pats players and coaches would tell you otherwise.
  18. KontradictioN

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    Fail. The last time New England was in Denver was in 2011 and Denver got destroyed. Nobody said going to Denver was going to be easy, but your defense doesn't match up well with our offense as you have trouble covering the TE's and slot receivers.

    Enjoy the playoffs though. This is the first year where you'll be getting a fan's perspective of playoff Peyton Manning. For us on the other side of it, he's always a treat to watch in the postseason.
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  19. kpreh

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    Homerism works both ways :rolleyes:

    What did you expect coming to a Patriots board, I would expect no less going to a Broncos board

    BTW starting out calling fans names(ignorant Chowdaheads) puts anything you post in the future really low on the relevance chart :D
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  20. ThatllMoveTheChains!!!

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    Sadly the name calling was the high point of their post. Since when is an ability to beat up on struggling teams and an inability to beat PO caliber teams a good thing? The most notable win for the Broncos was against the Saints, which is the only team they've beat during a win streak (2 whole games...). Otherwise they've beat up on crap teams or decent/good teams when they were struggling.
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