Kentucky Derby: Great Race But Very Sad Ending

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    Today's Kentucky Derby was one of the more thrilling ones to watch.

    In a field of 20 Horses, the winner Big Brown started in the number 20 gate position, way on the outside and won the race in what I thought was one of the more perfect rides I have seen by a jockey.

    As they came out of the back stretch and into the final turn you could see the horse moving on the outside and was free and clear of any obstruction.

    As they came out of the turn into the straightaway, the jockey gave him a whip, drove him past the leaders and immediately moved him inside towards the rail

    He won the race going away by about 6 lengths so it seemed.

    i think this horse has a good chance of being the first to win a triple crown in a long time.

    Once he took the lead he just opened it up and cruised home, stretching his lead length by length.

    With the Preakness a little longer than the KD and then the Belmont even longer, this horse with the closing speed that he has, and the ability to pour it on from that point - seems like to me a damned good chance at winning the triple crown.

    I think he went off today at 5-2 which is pretty good odds for a favorite. At least that was the last price I saw on him before the gates opened.

    Guaranteed that he wont go off at the Preakness with such good odds, more than likely 3-2 or even money, at best.

    Also a very sad story about the death of another horse at the derby, Filly Eight Belles. Very very sad.
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