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KDPPatsfan85 1 Round Mock Draft with Trades+Patriots 7 Round mock draft 4.0

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by KDPPatsfan85, Apr 14, 2013.

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    #24 Jersey

    Used Drafttek.com big board.

    1. Chiefs- Luke Joeckel OT Texas AM
    Chiefs need to protect their new QB.

    2. Jaguars- Dion Jordan DE Oregon
    Jaguars need a pass rush

    *TRADE*(Cardinals traded #7,#38, and 2014 3rd)
    3. Cardinals- Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan
    Cards could have stayed put and took Lane Johnson, but there is more upside with Fisher. They trade up to get their new LOT.

    4. Eagles- Geno Smith QB West Virginia
    I saw that Rotoworld is saying that Eagles will take Geno, so Im using their scenario.

    5. Lions- Bjoern Werner DE Florida State
    Lions needs a DE that can rush the passer and set the edge.

    6. Browns- Dee Milliner CB Alabama
    Browns get the best CB in the draft to compliment Haden.

    7. Raiders(From Cardinals)- Sharrif Floyd DT Florida
    Raiders acquire picks and get their guy!

    8. Bills- Jonathan Cooper OG UNC
    Since Geno Smith is off the board, they go to their next need in a Guard. They take the best Guard on the board.

    9. Jets- Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
    Jets need a pass rusher. They need a replacement for Pace. Jets are all f$#%ed up!

    *TRADE*(Dolphins traded #12,#111,#146 to Titans)
    10. Dolphins- Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
    Dolphins know that the Chargers would take him with the 11th pick. They trade up to get their OT.

    11. Chargers- Chance Warmack OG Alabama
    Since Johnson is off the board, they address their interior offensive line

    12. Titans(From Dolphins)-Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU
    Titans take a pass rusher.

    *TRADE*(Jets trade Revis for #13, #112, and 2014 6th)
    13. Jets- Star Lotulelei NT Utah
    Jets use this pick to replace Pouha.

    14. Panthers- Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri
    Panthers upgrade their interior dline.

    *TRADE*(Bengals traded #21, #84, #118, 2014 5th)
    15. Bengals- Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU
    Bengals sees Mingo drop down the board and decide to pull the trigger. They add to their defense.

    16. Rams- Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
    Rams use this pick to replace Amendola.

    *TRADE*(Vikings trade #25,#83, and 2014 4th)
    17. Vikings- Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State
    Vikings trade up to get the best available CB.

    18. Cowboys- Kenny Vaccaro S Texas
    Cowboys got the player they wanted without trading up!

    19. Giants- Arthur Brown OLB Kansas State
    Giants to a complete upgrade of their front 7. They start with the linebackers.

    20. Bears- Sylvester Williams DT UNC
    Bears decide to start upgrading their defense.

    21. Saints(From Bengals)- Jesse Williams NT Alabama
    Saints acquired picks and got a beast of a NT!

    *TRADE*(Texans trad #27, #124, #160, 2014 5th)
    22. Texans- Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee
    Texans trade up to get their WR.

    23. Vikings- Keenan Allen WR Cal
    Vikings were all set to take Patterson before the Texans traded up. They take the next best WR on the board.

    24. Colts- Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia
    Colts upgrade their front 7.

    25. Steelers(From Vikings)- Datone Jones DE UCLA
    Steelers need a complete upgrade in their defense.

    26. Packers- DJ Fluker OT Alabama
    Packers need to protect Rodgers.

    27. Rams(From Texans)- Desmond Trufant CB Washington
    Rams take the best available CB.

    28. Broncos- Cornellius Carradine DE Florida State
    Broncos needs a pass rusher.

    *TRADE*(Ravens trade #32,#129,#199)
    29. Ravens- Jonathan Cyprien SS Florida International
    Ravens trade up to replace Ed Reid.

    30. Falcons- Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
    They draft Gonzalez's replacement.

    31. 49ers- Damontre Moore OLB Texas AM
    Niners get another pass rusher to complement Aldon Smith.

    *TRADE*(Bills trade #41, #105, #143)
    32. Bills- Matt Barkley QB USC
    Bills trade up to get a QB in the first round.

    PATRIOTS 7 Round Mock!

    29. Traded to Ravens for #32, #129, and #199
    32. Traded to Bills for #41, #105, #143, 2014 5th
    41. Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
    Patriots get that big tall deep threat.
    59. Sio Moore OLB UCONN
    With Spikes coming to an end to his rookie contract, who knows if he will resign. Patriots draft an insurance policy.

    91. Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB UCONN
    IF Talib cant stay healthy, they have him to play on the other side of Dennard.

    105. Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech
    Patriots way of finding WR's is to sign or draft a couple throw it at the wall and see who sticks! They take a second WR.

    129. Kyle Long OT Oregon
    BB loves versatility. Long can play both LOT and OG.

    143. J.J. Wilcox S Georgia Southern
    Patriots need depth at the Safety position.

    199. Cory Grissom DT South Florida
    Patriots draft depth at DT.

    Patriots traded #226, #235, and 2014 6th to Browns for Jabaal Sheard DE
    Patriots need pass rushers. They trade for a proven DE since Sheard doesnt fit the 3-4 system.
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    That draft would be an utter disaster. The last two wide receivers that the Pats should want are Hunter (bad hands) and Rogers (bad attitude).
  3. Wilfork#75

    Wilfork#75 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    #75 Jersey

    Rogers has off the field issues but he loves football. I think he would be a good fit if he can keep his personal life under control and I think New England is the prefect structured environment for him.

    With Hunter, he certainly needs to improve his hands, but that is fixable. I also think we need to remember last season was his first back from a major knee injury. He wasn't back to 100% and I think he lacked confidence. Add in the NCAA limits on amount of time players can practice and I think we could see a huge improvement from him when he gets into the NFL and it becomes a full time profession. I also remember Julio Jones had the same criticisms coming out of Alabama and despite still dropping some balls he is certainly a top quality WR. Hunter is still only scratching the surface of his potential, and that is why he should be considered. The Pats haven't really had a chance at someone with his kind of talent for a long time (unless you loved Alshon Jeffery as much as I did).

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