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KDPPatsfan85 1 Round Mock Draft 4/13

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by KDPPatsfan85, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. KDPPatsfan85

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    #24 Jersey

    used NFL101.com for team needs. used Scout.com for prospect rankings.

    1 - CAR: Newton, Cam - QB - Auburn
    Panthers wont give Clausen another chance and use their pick to take Newton the NCAA Champion QB.

    2 - DEN: Dareus, Marcell - DT - Alabama
    Denver is switching back to the 43 defense and seriously need help in the middle.

    3 - BUF: Miller, Von - OLB - Texas A&M
    buffalo needs all the help they can get at all positions. They need to find a way to stop Brady and Dirty Sanchez and take Von who is a natural pass rushers.

    4 - CIN: Green, A.J. - WR - Georgia
    Unsure what will happen with Palmer, they need to get younger at WR. They take the best WR in the draft.

    5 - ARI: Gabbert, Blaine - QB - Missouri
    Arizona needs all the help they can get. Ever since they lost Warner, they needed a starting QB. Maybe Blaine can keep Fitzgerald happy?

    6 - CLE: Fairley, Nick - DT - Auburn
    If Fairley falls this far wouldnt you take him??

    7 - SF: Peterson, Patrick - CB - LSU
    They need a QB, but it can wait if you have the best player still available.
    8 - TEN: Quinn, Robert - DE - North Carolina
    Titans need a pure pass rusher and thats what they get with Quinn.
    9 - DAL: Smith, Tyron - OT - USC
    They need to protect Romo the homo. They take the best OT in the draft

    10 - WAS: Jones, Julio - WR - Alabama
    Not sure about McNabbs future, but they need more offensive weapons and Jones is a perfect fit.

    11 - HOU: Amukamara, Prince - CB - Nebraska
    They are transitioning to a 34 defense, but their Secondary is horrible. They take Prince who would provide some coverage.

    12 - MIN: Locker, Jake - QB - Washington
    Brett Favre possibly gone they need a new QB. I heard of them possibly trading for a veteran, but with the lockout who knows.

    13 - DET: Carimi, Gabe - OT - Wisconsin
    Lions need to protect their investment from injuring his shoulder again. They take Carimi to protect him.

    14 - STL: Liuget, Corey - DT - Illinois
    A surprising pick, but this is their biggest need other than a WR.

    15 - MIA: Ingram, Mark - RB - Alabama
    Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams possibly gone, they take the best RB in the draft.

    16 - JAX: Smith, Jimmy - CB - Colorado
    Jacksonville has many needs, but decide there is more value in Smith since he is also a ST stud.

    17 - NE: Watt, J.J. - DE - Wisconsin
    Patriots need a lot of help. Ty Warren isnt getting any younger and Watt is the perfect fit for New England.

    18 - SD: Kerrigan, Ryan - DE - Purdue
    Kerrigan would play OLB in a 34 and thats what they need at this point.

    19 - NYG: Castonzo, Anthony - OT - Boston College
    Giants need to upgrade their whole offensive line.

    20 - TB: Jordan, Cameron - DE - California
    If cam dropped this far down I would take him right away also anyway they need a DE anyway.

    21 - KC: Bowers, Da'Quan - DE - Clemson
    They are taking a chance here. Bowers is constantly hurt and his medical condition made him drop from the top 10.

    22 - IND: Sherrod, Derek - OT - Mississippi St.
    Im sick of hearing Manning blame everyone but himself. Colts take an offensive tackle that will protect him.

    23 - PHI: Williams, Aaron - CB - Texas
    Hobbs retiring, they take the best available CB on the board.

    24 - NO: Smith, Aldon - DE - Missouri
    They need to upgrade their defensive line. They take Aldon smith a natural pass rusher.

    25 - SEA: Mallett, Ryan - QB - Arkansas
    Hasselbeck isnt getting any younger. They wanted Locker, but he's already gone. They take the best available QB on the board.

    26 - BAL: Solder, Nate - OT - Colorado
    They need to protect Flacco and other than Oher their Oline is getting old.

    27 - ATL: Clayborn, Adrian - DE - Iowa
    They need a WR but there isnt one in this spot that has value. They need help on the defensive line and Clayborn is a great fit for the falcons.

    28 - NE: Houston, Justin - DE - Georgia
    PASS RUSHER, Thats what the Patriots need and thats what they get. He isnt the typical Patriots OLB, but they are desperate for someone that can get to the QB.

    29 - CHI: Wilkerson, Muhammad - DT - Temple
    Their biggest need is DT and Wilkerson is a beast. Enough said.

    30 - NYJ: Heyward, Cameron - DE - Ohio State
    Jets have a lot of needs. Rex Ryan would be up for a lifetime supply of twinkies, but they need help to bring their defense back to greatness.

    31 - PIT: Pouncey, Mike - OG - Florida
    The Pouncey brothers reunite, but mike would play OC not OG.

    32 - GB: Ayers, Akeem - OLB - UCLA
    They need another pass rusher to compliment Matthews.
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  2. supafly

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    Sep 9, 2008
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    #24 Jersey

    Nice job overall KDP.

    I am not sure that I agree with several of the picks, but that is always going to happen with any mock. As I have said, I certainly could not do any better of a job, as I just see it too much of a guessing game.

    Here are some of the picks I do not necessarily agree with (just FWIW)--

    5. ARZ--(Gabbert) I do not think they are going to take a rookie QB. Fitzgerald is basically the leader of the team, in a contract yr, and I think they will go immediate impact player on defense instead.

    10. WSH--(Jones) I think that the Skins trade down, as they are making it publically known that they'd rather pick up a couple of mid round picks that they do not have.

    14. STL--(Liguit) I see them taking a different defensive player personally, but your guess is just as good as mine.

    15. MIA (Ingram) I have never bought into the whole hype that MIA has their sights on a RB specifically, as they have so many needs it's hard to pinpoint. Your choice however, is very popular with many so called 'experts.' I am going against the grain here, and think that they'll go another position.

    16. JAX (Smith) I think that they will target a different defensive player, possibly even Kerrigan, but it's so hard to predict. I just think there are better options here, and that Smith is going too high for my opinion.

    17. NE (Watt) This would be my pick I think too, but I don't see Watt still being around at this point. I strongly feel as though he will go to one of the teams ahead of us, but I'd certainly be happy if this happened. I'm thinking maybe a safer type pick, especially with the 'Seymour' pick scrutiny that will follow. I could certainly forsee a possible tradedown. This is one of the toughest picks to predict in my opinion.

    28. NE (Houston) I just don't see us targeting Houston specifically, but again, the NE picks are awfully hard to predict. Your choices are just as good as anyone else's I'd imagine. I wonder if we don't take Wilkerson or Heyward here instead? May take a few pick tradeup to secure that, or maybe we simply trade down from 17 and take one there. Who the hell knows? ;)

    31. PIT (Pouncey) Not sure personally, if he lasts quite that long. If he does, it's just as good as any pick, and they certainly could use help on the O line.


    As I said before, you do a real nice job with your analysis and research, and I do not feel as though I could do any better of a job.

    Just giving you my personal opinion, and a differing viewpoint.

    Here's hoping the damn thing just gets here quickly ;)
  3. andrewgarrr

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    Nov 7, 2010
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    The Patriots have been desperate for a 34 OLB for a while now. They didn't take Matthews last year (who they probably believed was a pass rush situational type of guy). Houston is a worse prospect than Matthews in that regard, with the same liability in the coverage game. They won't take him.
  4. TealSox

    TealSox Guest

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    The ideal situation for the Arizona Cardinals would be to sign Marc Bulger, allowing Gabbert to redshirt his rookie season. Whether Fitz-Gerald stays or goes, the QB position is a priority.

    If TEN believes that CLE has interest in Fairley, I can see them trading up with ARI - who is at little risk of losing Gabbert - and taking Fairley for their own. CLE could then take Quinn here and grab a DT at the top of the second round.

    see above

    Seems to me that this pick could easily be traded with Amukamara likely to go to HOU with the next pick. DET could move up cheaply, while NE would have to part with a bit more depending upon their inclusion of the 17th or 28th pick. WAS could then take a QB like Locker or a RB like Ingram, while gaining an additional pick.

    I've seen this pick in other mocks and it rivals my interest as much as Aldon Smith. Smith seems to be a better value, while Liuget's selection would be likened to Tyson Alualu's selection by the Jags.

    I know better than to listen to the pre-draft rumor mill, but the seeds of Ingram's knee issues could easily manifest into a first round fall. On the bright side, QB and RB seem to be glaring holes that need to be filled.

    Interesting, Lombardi mentioned today that Ingram averaged 15 carries a game in college and isn't the work horse people think he is. In MIA, he won't need to be a work horse while Brown and Williams are around.

    JAX is too smart to make this mistake. Last year, they played it safe. Why would they change their philosophy over the course of one year?

    I'd be shocked out of my mind if NE took Watt. First of all, the rumor is that Bill has a poor relationship with his agent. Second, Belichick has yet to prove he'll take risks in the first round on developmental player.

    They could easily take Cameron Heyward here and shock us all, but I imagine they would trade this pick. Somehow, Bill has to get creative and find a way to turn a first round pick into an additional second and third pick - see Chargers.

    I wish this kid luck. Maybe one day, ESPN will have a pre-draft special talking about how he managed to beat the odds much like Brady's draft special.

    What a steal... but some way or another, PHI will move this pick and still end up with a CB like Williams or maybe Harris.

    That is a big drop for Smith, but I'm not sold on him. While he came across with a chip on his shoulder, he didn't seem to have any leadership skills, intelligence or competitiveness. I was thinking NO would look at Justin Houston more so.

    I think this team has more holes than the Panthers, so taking Mallett is risky. Unlike other teams with QB needs, you have Whitehurst and Hasselbeck.

    It was mentioned that ATL may be interested in Kyle Rudolph and the idea stuck in my head. Not a bad idea, for a team with an up and coming star at the QB position. Tony Gonzalez isn't getting younger, and in a copy cat league, why wouldn't they take a page from the Patriots playbook.

    Say hello to Danny Watkins... if not, I'm counting on the pick being someone that is a bit off the radar. Whoever it is, I can see the board lighting up like Christmas.
  5. supafly

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    Sep 9, 2008
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    #24 Jersey

    @ TealSox--

    I don't believe that Miami will have Williams or Brown anymore, as that is why most draftniks have them taking a RB here.
  6. TealSox

    TealSox Guest

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    True... I'm banking on Ronnie Brown coming back and Williams going back to yoga classes. Personally, I hope Ingram doesn't find his way into the AFC East unless he is selected in the second round by a team with Patriot logos on the helmet.
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