Karma's Sweet Revenge...

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    Anybody else notice how karma has been attacking our detractors lately? Karma knows that the whole cameragate thing was blown way out of proportion. Now, anyone who calls us cheaters is doing so at their own risk. See for yourself.

    1) LT, Phillip Rivers, and the San Diego Chargers. These crybabies have been totally exposed. Where outsiders once viewed LT as a class act, more and more have become aware that he really is just a whiny spoiled brat. Anybody catch him and Rivers arguing on the sideline......PRICELESS! LT is off to the worst start of his career and the Chargers have already lost as many games this season as they did all of last year. Plus they're coached by Norv "I haven't been a good coach in 15 years" Turner. In other words, the Chargers are Karmacally F.cked

    2) J.P. Losman: The "loss"man showed his immaturity wehn responding to a media question regarding Cameragate. First play of the game......DONE!!!

    3) Hines Ward: The official crybaby of the Pittsburgh Steelers showed what an idiot he was when he opened his mouth about cameragate and PFT is now reporting that he was injured in today's game.

    4) Donavan McNabb: The African American Quarterback made a wisecrack about getting his ring back. Karma chose not to hurt him again but it did have some fun at his expense this past week.

    5) Michael Strahan: Dude lost all his money to his ex-wife and he's got a space between his front teeth wide enough for Wilfork to fit through. Karma is making him play for Coughlin, that's punishment enough.

    6) Keith Olberman: Dude got sick almost right after all his idiot remarks.

    7) NY Jets. They lost their QB in the game in which they pulled their shananagans. Then they listed to their home crowd cheer the injury. This entire franchise is karmacally f.cked. Mangini was recently voted Head Coach most likely to desire a sex change.

    Stay tuned for more examples of players and teams F.cked over by Karma for screwing with the Patriots.

    Let's make a list of people we think Karma should enact its revenge on.

    1) Bob Costas. I hate this guy. First he ruined Inside the NFL and then he destroyed NFL Primetime. This guy is like Satan to all football loving people.

    2) Ron Borges. He's way overdue.

    3) Marshall Faulk
    4) Tom Jackson
    5) Shannon Sharp

    That's my top five....What's yours?
  2. patsox23

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    I like Costas, I think he's really talented and interesting. I just disagree with him on this cameragate stuff. What idiot remarks did Olbermann make?
  3. njpatsfan

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    Add Collingsworth to the list. He has to share the screen with Olbermann.

  4. Add He Ban Me, and RyanTheColtsFan . to the list
  5. pheenix11

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    LT didn't have much to say after today's game did he? All of a sudden the hotshot loudmouth sounds like a fumbling retard.

    I guess that's what getting kicked in the teeth by the Patriots Express Train will do to you.
  6. Pats_AZ

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    watching LT's news confrence.....painful....even for a Pats fan
  7. TheBostonStraggler

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  8. Pats726

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    I used to like Costas...but his failure to ask Goodell about the leaked tape showed what a poor journalist he is..any first year stident of journalism would have asked the REAL question..a fraud...But what did Olberman say?? Have not heard anything he said about it??
  9. Tunescribe

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    I don't understand why Costas is involved with football. He has said many times his first love is baseball. I don't think he understands football and the NFL that well.
  10. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Costas is pretty good, although I do miss NFL primtime..

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