Kaczur likely to start

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    I kept quiet while other posters continued to pick O’Callaghan as the starting right tackle, and judging from BB's press C. yesterday there is still opportunity to impress in this week's game against the Giant's, but I highly doubt NE is putting much effort into the Giants. Make no mistake, their focus now is on the Jets.

    I am glad, if it happens, Kaczur is starting this year. Coming from a fellow Canuck, it is nice to see such talent and worth ethic coming from an athlete that is not a hockey player... :)

    He had now worked his way on to the starting line-up of a world championship caliber team protecting the best QB in Pro football. A nice accomplishment Nick...congrats and have a great year dude...hopefully Brady's jersey will be clean all year!
  2. sieglo

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    I predicted Kaczur would win this battle as well, against the board CW.

    Board CW is also wrong about Kight getting cut before Bam, and Caldwell not making the 53.
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    I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been more discussion of this...RT was the one and only starting position up for grabs on the team. (We've devoted 50 times more debate to the #5 WR job!)

    Personally I'd love to run behind O'C and pass behind Kaczur, but life doesn't work that way. So congrats to Nick.
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    It seems that the RT battle was never really as competitive as people thought it would be. Kazcur seemed to have the edge from the start of camp and O'Callahan never really seemed to do enough to displace him.

    I think that a lot of Kazcur's problems last year was due to him coming off an injury. He missed all of training camp and most of the preseason. He was taken off the PUP on the 22nd of August and I don't think he played a single preseason game.
  5. ClevTrev

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    It's great to have the OL depth that players like O'Callaghan and Kaczur provide. This is a win/ win either way, and both will see action this season.
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    I totally agree with you on this one PC. The offense line is of huge importance to this team and I think sometimes it is overlooked.

    Neal and Kaczur have been building some good communication from having worked together....and I think this showed last year and in pre-season. I think obviously BB and the coaching staff believes so too...
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    Isn't there ANYTHING we can do to tighten up the immigration laws?
  8. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    Let me put it to you this way...if BB and TB and SP and BK want him than I will assume you want him.

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    I don't want to look it up, so would someone inform me what happened to Kaczur with the horrible attitude that's a definite goner?

    I'm sure I'll have to look it up eventually.

    Just another rumor on "good authority" gone amuck?

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