Kacyvenski to be released today at 1:00 pm

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    According to Seattle newspaper's, Isaiah Kacyvenski will be released today at 1:00 pm to make room for practise squad player Marquis Weeks (back up running back). The team plans to re sign Kacyvenski once Shaun Alexander is ready to return from injury - not before the Patriots get their mits on the Harvard grad, special teams standout and back up linebacker.
  2. RayClay

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    Interesting. Our problem is two of our backup "linebackers" are really special teams player undersized for our system.

    He's big enough and has some production.

    How much would he help at linebacker here, in your opinion?
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  3. SeanBruschi54

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    So....we're going to sign him i assume?
  4. patsox23

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    I wouldn't mind bringing this guy in at all. We'll see if BB likes him enough to do so. Then again, my guess is the player and Seattle have an understanding, and he knows he'll be brought back soon enough.
  5. I'll believe it when I see it... but it would be a fairly decent pickup for sure...
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  7. pats1

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    He got cut. Great.

    Unless he's Superman, they Pats aren't going to sign any player like this - especially just because somebody thought the Pats should because they recognized his name.
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  8. pats1

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    On what basis? That you recognize his name?

    Players, especially those like this guy, are released EVERY DAY. Do you see the Pats making roster moves at that pace?

    Sure, there's a chance. There's always a chance. But the Pats have a short list of players who they really like on other teams and would pounce on if the oppurtunity arises. I have my money on Isaiah not being on that list.

    One example was Jonathan Smith. And he's the one and only thus far this season.

    Until the Pats lose somebody in the LB corps to injury, there's no need to go scrub-shopping.
  9. He was one of their best special team players for one thing... it wasn't me saying it, it was the Seachickens management that said it... if you really want to be anal about it...
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  10. Digger44

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    I think you are right on. He is an excellent SPer and was a starter 2 years ago. That is great depth.
  11. captain stone

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    If Jonathan Smith was on the pats' short list of players whom they really like on other teams, and on whom they would pounce if the opportunity arises, then the pats should take that list, burn it, and deny that it ever existed.

    I don't understand the hostility towards Kacyvenski. If he signed today, he would be the 1st ILB off the bench tomorrow. As RayClay correctly opined, Davis and Izzo are STers posing as LBs, and doing a terrible job of it. At the very least, let's see what Eric Alexander can do with the regular defense, because Seau, Bruschi and Vrabel cannot last the entire season without legitimate help.
  12. pats1

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    The Rams signed him today.

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