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Justice Dept. Lawyers Join Chorus Criticizing Gonzales

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Patters, Jul 28, 2007.

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    Gonzales should be man enough to take one for the team. I don't really get why he holds onto the position and why Bush defends him. After all, it's not like Bush will have to replace him with a liberal.


    WASHINGTON, July 27 — Daniel J. Metcalfe, a lawyer who began his government career in the Nixon administration and retired from the Justice Department last winter, said morale at the department was worse under Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales than during Watergate.

    John S. Koppel, who continues to work at the department as a civil appellate lawyer in Washington, wrote this month that he was “ashamed” of the department and that if Mr. Gonzales told the truth in recent Congressional testimony, “he has been derelict in the performance of his duties and is not up to the job.”


    Lawmakers and senior Congressional aides from both parties said Mr. Gonzales had lost almost all ability to influence the administration’s agenda in Congress, denying the president what should be an important voice on issues including terrorism, immigration and civil rights.

    “The attorney general’s loss of credibility not only harms him personally, it diminishes the Justice Department and undermines the president’s ability to move some of his most sensitive legal issues through the Hill because the trust factor doesn’t exist with his attorney general,” said Representative Adam H. Putnam of Florida, a Gonzales critic who is chairman of the House Republican Conference.

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