Just want another team to go 16-0.....

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    And fail at perfection eventually. Want this stupid monkey off our back because every year when teams go unbeaten for a while and we are reminded of the 2007 perfect season that never was.....it stings. IMO - having 16-0 record without the SB is not a great thing to be brought up time and time again and want another team in the same company.

    I actually want the Broncos to go full steam and even get 16-0 and hoping they fall eventually as Manning always does. Misery loveds company!
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    You want the broncos to beat us? I'd rather they go 5-11.
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    The purpose of the regular season is to get into the postseason.

    If you do that then the regular season was a success. Postseason success then depends on getting a ring.

    I don't care what anyone else says about 2007, especially when half the critics are fans of teams who had no regular season success, while 95% of them had no postseason success that year either.
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    I get you OP, but no way in hell do I want Forehead to go 16-0. I feel better pulling for the Chiefs and Alex Smith.

    Or...better yet, you guys could get on my IT bandwagon next year and we can fix what we started and actually win it.:D

    I wouldn't worry about the postseason as it's become less and less meaningful for me if we're talking about the strength of a team. That is one thing the Superbowl doesn't produce. It's a total crapshoot. That's why Superbowl winners can stink as bad as the Giants do the years prior and afterwards. They can win Superbowls but suck too bad to beat the Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys with some sort of consistency. They suck compared to a lot of other teams as well.

    I've changed my perception. I give much more credit to regular season win records. They hold more weight and tend to carry over year after year.
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    Just gonna pretend you never typed this.
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    No team is going 16-0, that's pretty much a given. I can tell you one thing, teams that give up 48 points don't go 16-0.

    Just like to point out, that unlike the Denver, the patriots sit alone on top of their division.
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    I want nothing to do with 16-0. I won't complain if we get there, but I don't think any team can go 19-0 in this league, and like the OP said...being remembered as the team that "almost" went undefeated sucks.

    I do want the 1 seed even though recent history hasn't really helped them, but 16-0 is too much pressure.
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    It's also pretty rare (less than a handulf of times) in which a team gives up 48 points in a game and WINS that same game.

    They've already pulled that off. Manning is on record setting pace.

    I hate to say it, but it certainly is possible that Broncos go undefeated with Manning breaking Tom's TD record.

    I'll be rooting like heck against it, but we'd be fools to not see what the Broncos are doing and be impressed.
  9. dannydyn

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    The donkey's cakewalk schedule, certainly not helping our cause here.... :mad:
  10. PATRlOT

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    Impressed? They have the EASIEST ranked schedule in the league.

    The Patriots went undefeated with the 3rd HARDEST ranked schedule in the league.
  11. patsfan-1982

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    Denver still has two games vs Philip Rivers two games vs that KC defense at indy at new England at Oakland at Houston they will lose more then one game they are the same team the pats were last year great offense no defense
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  13. dannydyn

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    sorry, not the same.

    They have Welker, they're still missing Miller and Champ, they got rid of that old horse, Stokely, replaced McGahee with Moreno, added Thomas.

    We LOST Welker & Hernandez, and added a bunch of rookies that other than a few flashes here and there, have yet to show anything to write back home about.

    As much as I want to see us whoop some donkey ***** (and be the ones to hand them their first loss of the season), I just don't see it happening this time around. They're just too good.
  14. Sivy

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    I don't think it will happen once it gets cold, but there is a chance Manning can break the TD record, but that's because Manning loves stats.

    But they aint going 16-0, no way, no how.
  15. patsfan-1982

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    I mean that Denver is the same as the 2012 pats all offense no defense not this years pats this years team has a much better defense but not a lot of talent on offense at lest until Gronk gets back
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    I think u will get your wish this year....No one is stopping the Donks in regular season....then we'll see if Horseface gets the monkey off the back again in the playoffs....I don't know who will stop them in AFC. Unless we can go TD for TD with Manning this year... (and right now can't see that happen)...we aren't getting past them this year...
  17. Yehoodi

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    with three rings in our pocket, I could care less what some say about our 16-0 season and what happened to us in the playoffs . . .

    bottom line it is an accomplished that has never been done before. . . yes it is a regular season accomplishment but there are several upon several accomplishments and records that are in the regular season and this just one of them . . . and we all value many of them . . . why not this one . . .

    also, just the fact that we can tell people that we tried for something, that many secretly want to do but would pull out, like the 2009 colts, and many others who say they are glad they lost a game, we stand alone as a team that tried and did not chicken out in the face of history . . . and that is something to be proud of . . . one can not win a ring every year and with three in a pocket and opportunity to add to our legacy beyond the 3 rings, I am all for it . . . and if one of those things is not being chicken in the face of history, I applaud it . . .
  18. stcjones

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    Donks get Vonn Miller and Champ back soon... don't see Alex Smith and Rivers going TD for TD with Peyton. .do u?
  19. patsfan-1982

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    Tony Romo went TD for TD with manning and Rivers has three 400yard passing games this year already KC is all about old school football IMO they have the best shot out of all the teams to beat them its never easy to win in KC even when they are a bad team
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    ......I find life boy to have a nice mild flavor with a nutty finish. :)

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