Just think - Welker was nearly a Viking

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    Interesting how Minnesota is trying to spin this huh? (The story was originally published on VikingUpdate.com. Seeing that Miami only had the $1.35 million tender that required giving up a 2nd rounder, I'm intrigued how Minnesota, which I think had a #2 pick from Atlanta (I think they might have swapped) was unable to better the Patriots 2nd round draft choice.

    I'd have a tough time believing they wouldn't up the ante with a 7th round pick to match the Pats.

    More likely the key issue was signing Welker to an extension so they wouldn't be renting him for a 2nd rounder - and that Welker preferred the Pats over the Vikings.

    Here's a good read from Reiss from October that's worth another look as well regarding how we came to get Welker.

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