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Just read "the Obama Nation"

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PonyExpress, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. PonyExpress

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    Feb 12, 2006
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    Just finished.

    The story is a bit complicated. Obama seems to have been very confused about his identity, being the child of an African father who really wanted nothing to do with him or his mother, the step son of an Indonesian in what turned out to be a failed marriage, growing up in Hawaii with very few African Americans, living with his white grandparents.

    He was very confused and felt abandoned by his parents, and fell into bad habits such as drugs etc.

    His search for identity leads him to an old african American poet, a marxist, who seems to have been his father and grandfather figure.

    Obama learns to identify with African American culture, almost from the outside in, becomes immersed in some of the more radical doctrines almost to "prove" that he is an authentic black man, so as no longer to be an outsider.

    He transfers from a college in California to Columbia, and then moves to Chicago after graduation to work on a community outreach organization based on the Alinsky model.

    He then goes to law school. He returns to do grassroots work in Chicago with the same organization. He is employed at a law firm that does Rezko's work.

    He meets his wife, they marry.

    He is embraced as a rising political star. He joins the liberation theology church and becomes a professed "Christian" according to the standards of that church.

    Rezko seems to have been his principal campaign "bundler", and many of Rezko's slums are in Obama's district, which creates the impression of hypocrisy, since Obama is portraying himself as the defender of the poor, while his biggest campaign contributor is accepting major contracts to renovate and construct low income housing for poor African Americans and is in fact pocketing the cash and leaving obama's constituents in rat holes without heat.

    The district is heavily involved with, frankly, the most radical elements of the left and the African American community. Alinsky, Farakhan, Wright, Ayers Dorne all figure prominently in that district, and Obama is certainly familiar with Ayers and Dorne, having served on charitable boards and attended political events at their house.

    Rezko is financed by a principle bag man for Saddam Hussein's oil for food scam in Europe. Rezko helps Obama buy a house under shady circumstances.

    Obama supports his tribal relation Odinga, of the Kenyan Luo tribe, in his Presidential Campaign. Odinga has made an agreement with the radical islamic community in Kenya to make Sharia the official law of the land upon victory. The agreement was secret at the time Obama campaigned with odinga, so he may not have been aware of it. Odinga was educated in East Germany under the Communists. Odinga loses the election and foments a pogrom against Christian communities in Kenya, causing the burning of hundreds of churches and the displacement of 300,000 people.

    The violence brings in Annan of the UN to create a power sharing arrangement, giving Odinga the power he failed to achieve by election.

    Obama was registered as a Muslim in school in Indonesia where he lived for 4-5 years. He attended Koran classes for at least one and possibly two years, which was the most time consuming portion of Indonesian curriculum at that time. He was considered a Muslim by those who knew him, and dressed in that garb. This does not necessarily mean he felt himself to be a muslim, or believed what he was reading or learning. If he claims to be a Christian no man can know what is in another man's heart.

    In conclusion,
    My impression is as follows:

    Having come from a confused background, Obama searched for a community to which he could belong. The African American community was the one he found, and the one that embraced him. To prove his credentials, he gravitated toward the most radical elements of that community ideologically. This pattern of radical associations is undeniable and extends back to his very early youth, and the sympathies of his mother. He seems to have been nurtured through the morass of Chicago politics as a political prince, benefiting from questionable associations like any other politician. He strikes me as a charismatic man with an almost mystical belief in his own powers of persuasion.

    His associations and his voting record throughout his life place him firmly on the very far left, and he is attempting to disguise this during the general election and hope a cult of personality and dissatisfaction with Bush will vault him to victory.

    I feel he views America in its essence as a colonial tyrant, both at home and abroad, not as the defender of liberty, and the birthplace of modern freedom, as I do. Therefore I do not believe he respects our existing institutions, and embraces the progressive agenda of "remaking" the country in an alternate image, one that adheres to a socialist framework.

    It is painful to read a book whose motive is to deconstruct the carefully crafted image of another human being. However it seems important to educate oneself, weighing the POV from both sides, and not fall prey to a cult of personality.

    Anyway, that's my book review in a nutshell.
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  2. BelichickFan

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #24 Jersey

    My usual partisanship aside (at least I admit it), the reason that Obama scares me is none of us have a clue what he will try to do. Anyone who thinks they do is wrong or lying. He comes from a strange background and has had precious little time to show his real self. Might be be a phenomenal President ? Yes. But he also might be a terrible one. And with that choice I will take the proven (IMO) average one in McCain. The one thing that is a virtual certainty with Obama is he will embark on a wealth re-distribution program - that's the one thing he's been consistent on, whether it's oil companies, increasing SS on those making over $250K, increasing capital gains tax, increasing income tax on those making over $600K, we know this will happen. Anything else, no-one has a clue.
  3. IcyPatriot

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #24 Jersey

    He's a marxist socialist trying to paint himself as a centrist ... it's not working ... that's why he is on vacation in Hawaii. You can bet when the vacation is over he will be portrayed as something else.

    This man does not love America as we know it ... he wants to love it and so he will try to remake it ... that is why he is reaching out around the world to gain support that way.

    McCain does not have to do much really ... he's behind in the polls but slowly he will pull to even as more Americans see the ruse that is Obama.

    Also ... look at those who staunchly defend him in this forum ... they are people who do not like America as it is and dearly want it to be more of a socialistic society. The speaker of the house already sees it that way ... all she needs is a President who also sees it that way and off they go.
  4. Turk

    Turk Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Oct 31, 2004
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    Sounds like a little reading / research is in order on Marxism and if you don't think a little remaking / re-doing is in order, you are either living in Harry's world, happily/loudly conversing with yourself, or just tickled pink with what the chimp and his gang have done to this country and their bank accounts.
  5. DarrylS

    DarrylS PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Sep 13, 2004
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    A book by Corsi may help with developing an opinion, but god forbid that anyone make a decision on anything after reading this book which is obviously biased and definitely has an agenda.

    The Obama Nation is not intended to inform, just destroy Obama...
  6. Patters

    Patters Moderator Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    Sep 13, 2004
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    While I really appreciate your review of The Obama Nation, it's a book I'll never read because the author has a well-known political agenda.

    Did the book talk about Obama's 12 years as a law professor? His time as President of Harvard Law Review? Did it talk about the professors and politicians who influenced him, most of whom were politically mainstream?

    Did Corsi present both sides regarding the Odinga rumor?


    Also, let's remember that most of the world community felt Odinga won the election fairly. Even the Bush administration was critical. Did Corsi write about that?


    As far as the fact that Obama's district has a number of radicals, what's that supposed to mean? I would think any urban district anywhere in the US would have that. That's guilt by association. I suppose Romney and Celucci must have been liberal since they won elections in Massachusetts.

    As far as his political journey, he traveled a different route, and he's certainly quite liberal, but not consistently so. For instance, he's supported charter schools for a long time, the death penalty for crimes such as child rape for a long time, and even voted for the Patriot Act.

    As far as Rezko goes, that's guilt by association. As yet, there's no evidence Obama did anything illegal or improper. From reading about Rezko, it's apparent he was a crook who also did invest in low-income housing.


    No doubt Obama has been influenced by different people than have Bush or Clinton, but that doesn't mean Obama hasn't formed his own political views. In fact, the consistency and passion of message strike me as very genuine. And it's backed up by his books, one of which was written more than decade ago.

    Obama has no more of a cult of personality around him as Reagan had. Every effective candidate has attracted his/her share of groupies.

    Since you're trying to get both sides, now that you read something by an established right-wing extremist (almost a candidate of the radical-right Constitution Party), perhaps you should consider reading Obama's Dreams of My Father, which was written in 1995 so is less influenced by his presidential ambitions than is Audacity of Hope.

    At any rate, here's a good article on Obama's religious evolution, which I think reveals a lot about who he is as a person:


    But, I'm not being sarcastic when I thank you for writing a review of the book. It is good to see a firsthand account of how the book came off.
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  7. Harry Boy

    Harry Boy Look Up, It's Amazing PatsFans.com Supporter

    Nov 10, 2005
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    I converse with myself because I have never been able to keep up with you brain surgeons, I'm a 9th grade drop out that grew up on the streets and know a bunch of a$s holes when I see them (left wing loons) also I converse with myself because nobody else will listen to me, Democrats hate to hear anything I say, I'm flattered that you mentioned me in your well thought out post, God bless you.

    The Chimp:
    He left me with his Illegal Aliens, Mccain is just like him, the only thing Mccain has going for him is he will fight the Muslims if the they attack again, Messiah Boom Boom is a Token Politically Correct New Toy for all the self rightious knee jerk loons and watching his face and his movements when he deilivers his leg tingling speeches scares the sh!t out of me, I consider the Messiah a dangerous arrogant enemy who will get America in far more trouble than it is now.



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