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    I know this probably doesn't deserve its own thread, but I didn't know where else to put it. Football night in America was previewing the Pats vs. Colts game next week. Costas said that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are teh two best Qbs in the league. Then, One of the commentators (I don't know which one b/c I'm just listening from another room) said that he gives Peyton Manning a slight edge because the Colts have to rely heavily on Peyton, while Tom Brady has a PLETHORA of weapons he can turn to. I guess Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and Rhodes/Addai don't constitute weapons, but Troy Brown, Ben Watson, Dillon/Maroney, and 4 recievers who weren't here last year do.
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    it was collinsworth and then bettis saying peyton is the best QB "right now"..hard to argue with peyton's numbers today
    collinsworth probably referred to the Defense also when refering to the weapons..because he predicted a shoot out next week seeing indy's defense today
    its an opinion, i dont know why we have to get riled up when someone doesnt pick us or gives manning more credit...its there opinion and everyone is entitled to one...for many people thinking colts/peyton is better there are as many who say otherwise...
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    As Rodney would say " WHO CARES " ?
  4. AStack75

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    As Corey would say, "I DON'T GIVE A F***"
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    LOL, good take. Peyton has more weapons than Travis Bickle.

    If they said he better be good because they spent the whole payroll on him and his receivers, that would be close to the truth.
  6. Box_O_Rocks

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    As the Box says, here Indy, come to Papa Indy, Tedy and Rodney have something special for you...:)
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    De-Ja-Vu Peyton...

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    Best two posts of the week.
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    I hate having to clean up snow, but I would have no problem with a freak November snowstorm hitting Foxborough next Sunday evening. :D
  10. TomBrady'sGoat

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    what the heck is "football night in america?" sounds like a crappy show.
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    B - I - N - G - O :singing:
  12. Keegs

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    haha no kidding. think about it.
    the Executive producer must be Captain Obvious Himself....

    I've never heard of a show title that explains what the show is about and obvious facts like that title does.

    that is like calling a tv show:
    "Funny TV Show filmed in the United States designed to make viewers laugh"

    what the hell is wrong w/ these morons?
  13. Drewwho

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    You have to agree that Peyton has a much tougher task than Brady. He was insane in that game and usually is in the regular season. It is just a matter of time before he gets that post season monkey off his back and wins multiple championships. Sorry, but as much as I love Brady and wouldn't want anyone else, Manning can do things Brady can't...end of story!

    The biggest difference between the Pats and the Colts are their priorities in the front office. The Colts have a priority to keep Manning happy and make sure he gets and keeps the weapons he needs on offense. These guys, including the OL, have a chemistry that is off the charts and that has been the prioirty. Keeping this unit together (with very little lost personnel - James) and therefore continue to build on what is great year after year. Manning knows going in to Camp just who and what that offense is and he runs it to damned near perfection!

    The Pats on the other hand have made defense their priority and tried to establish more continuity within the defense in keeping these guys together. Of course, that being said, the Pats have a pay structure that is tight and even though they have lost some key players on defense like Law, they have kept their focus mainly on the DL and the LB's. They have have a feel and chemistry and seem to be right up there (barring injury) in defense stats year after year (ala the Colts offense).

    Bottom line is Indy, with that awful defense, might be the first team with an offense good enough to finally win the SB and although Manning has incredible weapons at his disposal, he is the main reason that offense is so amazing. He can pass like no QB I have ever seen and his command is unparelled at the QB position!
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    And this is exactly what people said last year when they went 13 and 0. And the year before...the year before. They ALWAYS play well in the regular season, this isnt exactly new.
  15. Clonamery

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    You describing Peyton or yourself? Good grief.....let him win 1 SB before you start saying he'll win multiple ones (just because the Pats got back to 3 in 4 years it ain't really all that easy)......fine, technically and physically he may be the best QB in the league and one of the greatest QB's of all time (it's debatable at least) but as last year's playoff lost shows where he threw his teammates under the bus for their loss to the Steelers, you need heart too.....and he hasn't shown much when it really counts.

    You are usually better with your posts.
  16. brady2brown

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    Jeez, lighten up, man. The guy didn't get riled up. He merely reported what was said, and then gave his own take on it.

    You say that everyone is allowed an opinion, but then piss and moan when someone has an opinion that doesn't coincide with your own. Not everyone in the universe thinks that Peyton Manning is the greatest QB in the world, or that Tom Brady has better receivers like you apparently do.

    Peyton has good points (consistent accuracy, better than Brady IMO) and weak points (chokes in big games). BUt I assure you I am not riled up, and I agree 100% with the original poster that Brady does NOT have better weapons at his disposal than Manning. When did we go from "The Pats lost Branch and Givens and now they have no one" to "The Pats lost Branch and Givens but Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel are better receivers than Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne?"
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  17. SVN

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    Relax man...collisworth was talking about the whole team including the whole indy defense and our defense when he compared what "weapons" peyton has at his disposal...thats why he predicts a shootout next week because indy's defense cant stop anyone and manning has to throw the ball...it would be very odd for anyone to say pats have more offensive weapons than manning...please read the whole context of the post...iam not pissing and moaning when someone's opinion is not my own...just stating that these comments by media are the usual norm...
  18. Patriotic Fervor

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    Some guys know how to throw a football...

    Some guys know how to quarterback...

    Some guys know how to win games...

    Only a few guys know how to roll 'em all up into one package and win rings.

    Guess who falls into what category?
  19. Peyton Manning = this generations Dan Marino.

    If he REALLY wanted to win championships, then he would gladly take a paycut for the defensive side of the ball. So would his recievers.

    I don't feel sorry in the least for Peyton (Opie). He gets what he deserves... and a superbowl ring ISN'T one of them.
  20. Born_a_Patriot

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    The only thing that show needs is to remove Bob Costas and Put Dan Marino in his place. Than they can take a group picture and we can use it to put it in front of the dictionary's definition of CRAP.

    As it stands it only smells like it.
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