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    Don't get me wrong I like asante and hope he is here but I feel this team will be great either way....so just get this thing dealt with because I don't want to be wondering whats going on for the next couple of months. If we have Asante he will be our best DB but if he is gone we will get compinsation and we still have some talent in the DB in Rodney Wilson Hobbs Gay and Scott. So just dont let it play out like deion and Ill be fine.
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    The Deion situation was difficult indeed but it played out in the best way possible. We were as good without Deion in 2006 as we would have been without him, we replaced him with equal if not better talent, and we get a 1st round pick in exchange for him.
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    If you are looking for a quick resolution to this situation, you are going to be bitterly disappointed. The earliest we can expect a resolution is going to be on draft day. If that passes and nothing is done, I don't see anything being done until just before training camp. And barring that, nothing could get done until some injury in a training camp might force a team to come up with a package that would please the Pats.

    Most likely he will sign the tender some time just before the start of the regular season.
  4. signbabybrady

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    I agree completely I think or best hopes for a happy ending are between now and the draft it the draft passes this good get ugly...
  5. If the Pats lose Asante, they will have a pretty terrible secondary. Harrison is coming off another injury and isn't getting any faster. Wilson is coming off an injury. Gay is coming off another injury. Hobbs is a question mark. Hawkins and Scott are ok as backups. With this said, the Pats will have to get this deal done with Asante Samuel.

    Secondary breakdown:

    CB: Samuel (if re-signed)
    CB: Hobbs
    Nickel: Gay, Scott, Hawkins
    FS: Wilson, Sanders
    SS: Harrison

    Regardless whether they sign Asante, they need to improve this part of the defense because it is looking more and more like a weak link. Hopefully the Pats can snag a Reggie Nelson or Griffen with the #28th pick.
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    i'm sure BB is not losing sleep over how you feel. These things take time and be thankful the Pats have had one heck of an offseason. I would have been happy with just AD, but they stacked the team.
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    1st leading indicator will be a trade or a signing by draft day 1
    2nd will be a signing by 15 July
    If nothing by then, it's not gonna be a fun situation unless Asante announces he's playing all 16 games
  8. mgteich

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    Please analyze the secondary at the end of the season and in the playoffs, and indicate why you think that Harrison, Wilson and Gay will contribute less in 2007 than in 2006. You might also add the injured Mitchell to your analysis.

    Apparently you believe that the availability of Harrison, Wilson, Gay, Mitchell and at least one (probably two) Day One draft choices will not make up for Samuel (not to mention to mention improvements in the play of Hobbs and Sanders). Our secondary led the lead in touchdowns allowed, was near the top of the league (did we end up first) in red zone opportunities, and was number two in points allowed. You seem to think that with the replacement of Samuel with the players above, the secondary will go from "Top Three" to "pretty terrible". Samuel may good, but he isn't that good. The sky is NOT falling.

  9. patfanken

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    And just to get even more positive. Any new secondary would have in their advantage the fact that our offense should be more productive, and our front seven more productive with all our new additions
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    our offense and front seven were pretty potent in 05 but our secodary blew it for us.....Not that I think Asante leaving would make it as bad as 05 but..

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