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    What a first class jerk Adam V. turned out to be. He thas turned around and totally, for reasons we will never find out, he thumbed his nose at all of us. All of the adulation he received here evidently only served to swell his head beyond belief. I feel bad for all the kids with their #4 jerseys and broken hearts. Not to mention the fools like me and my buddies here at Patsfans that are all hurting as well this evening.

    We will get over it and heres hoping that BB & SP find a way to beat back those dolts once again and make Polian see once again that he has no clue what it takes to win.

    I choose the Patriot model over the Colts way of doing things any day.

    Adam V. is a puzzle. How could he possibly throw away all those endorsements, appearances for life, cult hero status in an area as he has owned. For what?? Indianappolis?? What an armpit that place is - even worse than Cleveland. Mercy, I am puzzled. Good bye Adam, thanks for the memories, now go to hell.

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