Junior Seau went to high school with my grandfather

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    It's amazing how old he is. I am almost 38 and it is kind of a passage in life, when there are no longer any players older than you. But I still have Junior playing MLB for the best team in NFL - so I should theoretically be able to go out and rake the leaves and jog the hood...

    Haven't heard from Singleton and Agnew for many years. Most everyone else from this class has been gone for almost a decade. The next year, 1991, we drafted Leonard Russell - I think he is in a nursing home in AZ now, after a successful run as an AARP spokesman...

    Go get em Junior. It will be awesome for him to earn his ring tomorrow. I am sure he will leave it all on the field. The guy is tough as nails. I'll never forget how tough he was when walking off the field with his arm snapped in half. GO PATS!!!

    1990 Round 1
    Rd (OV) Team Name Pos College
    0 (0) NYJ Rob Moore WR Syracuse
    1 (1) IND Jeff George QB Illinois
    2 (2) NYJ Blair Thomas RB Penn State
    3 (3) SEA Cortez Kennedy DT Miami (FL)
    4 (4) TAM Keith McCants LB Alabama
    5 (5) SDG Junior Seau LB USC
    6 (6) CHI Mark Carrier DB USC
    7 (7) DET Andre Ware QB Houston
    8 (8) NWE Chris Singleton LB Arizona
    9 (9) MIA Richmond Webb T Texas A&M
    10 (10) NWE Ray Agnew DE North Carolina State
    11 (11) LAD Anthony Smith DE Arizona
    12 (12) CIN James Francis LB Baylor
    13 (13) KAN Percy Snow LB Michigan State
    14 (14) NOR Renaldo Turnbull DE West Virginia
    15 (15) HOO Lamar Lathon LB Houston
    16 (16) BUF James Williams DB Fresno State
    17 (17) DAL Emmitt Smith RB Florida
    18 (18) GNB Tony Bennett LB Mississippi
    19 (19) GNB Darrell Thompson RB Minnesota
    20 (20) ATL Steve Broussard RB Washington State
    21 (21) PIT Eric Green TE Liberty
    22 (22) PHI Ben Smith DB Georgia
    23 (23) LAM Bern Brostek C Washington
    24 (24) NYG Rodney Hampton RB Georgia
    25 (25) SFO Dexter Carter RB Florida State
    Round 2
    Rd (OV) Team Name Pos College
    1 (26) DAL Alexander Wright WR Auburn
    2 (27) ATL Darion Conner LB Jackson State
    3 (28) NYJ Reggie Rembert WR West Virginia
    4 (29) SEA Terry Wooden LB Syracuse
    5 (30) TAM Reggie Cobb RB Tennessee
    6 (31) PHO Anthony Thompson RB Indiana
    7 (32) CHI Fred Washington DT Texas Christian
    8 (33) CHI Ren Cox LB Fresno State
    9 (34) SEA Robert Blackmon DB Baylor
    10 (35) DET Dan Owens DT USC
    11 (36) IND Anthony Johnson RB Notre Dame
    12 (37) LAD Aaron Wallace LB Texas A&M
    13 (38) CIN Harold Green RB South Carolina
    14 (39) MIA Keith Sims G Iowa State
    15 (40) KAN Tim Grunhard C Notre Dame
    16 (41) HOO Jeff Alm DT Notre Dame
    17 (42) BUF Carwell Gardner RB Louisville
    18 (43) PIT Kenny Davidson DE Louisiana State
    19 (44) NOR Vince Buck DB Central State (OH)
    20 (45) CLE Leroy Hoard RB Michigan
    21 (46) WAS Andre Collins LB Penn State
    22 (47) SFO Dennis Brown DT Washington
    23 (48) GNB LeRoy Butler DB Florida State
    24 (49) LAM Pat Terrell DB Notre Dame
    25 (50) PHI Mike Bellamy WR Illinois
    26 (51) NYG Mike Fox DT West Virginia
    27 (52) DEN Alton Montgomery DB Houston
    28 (53) SFO Eric Davis DB Jacksonville State
    Round 3
    Rd (OV) Team Name Pos College
    1 (54) MIN Mike Jones TE Texas A&M
    2 (55) ATL Oliver Barnett DE Kentucky
    3 (56) NYJ Tony Stargell DB Tennessee State
    4 (57) SDG Jeff Mills LB Nebraska
    5 (58) PHO Ricky Proehl WR Wake Forest
    6 (59) NWE Tommy Hodson QB Louisiana State
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    I've always loved the draft. I remember hoping Junior fell to us. Joel Buschbaum of PFW loved him. I remember being disappointed with our haul that year. Those were the days when draft day was the highlight of the year. Something Jet fans can probably relate to.
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