julian peterson may be headed to seattle

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    per adam shefter on nfl network

    they are going to see what kind of deal they could get done with john abraham and julian peterson
    getting at least one of the two

    so, if the abraham deal pans out, the peterson signing is less likely, but if they cant get a deal done with abraham, it looks like a done deal of him goin to seattle

    seattle is also workin on matching the vikes offer to hutchinson

    i thought the pats may make a big push at peterson, but its looking less and less likely
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    Let's assume the Pats $$$ offer to Peterson will be close to, or the same as Seattle. Why would someone choose the Hasselbeck Hawks over the 3x SB BB/Brady Pats? I don't get that one.
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    The Hawks were in the SB last year. Maybe the feeling out there is they are closer to getting to another one than the Pats are. If you look at the pats from an outsiders point of view the pats are in a state of flux right now.
    Or maybe being a Poston client he doesn't like to leave a penny on the table.
    Ps: The Pats are not the only team that can win SBs.
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