Josh McCown possible trade to Raiders

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    Sirius radio reports the Raiders may have some interest in Josh McCown in a trade or a few draft picks ect;

    If that happens no doubt Calvin Johnson heads to Oakland - Josh is a promising QB on the rise and Calvin looks to be the real deal...Would make a smart move by the Raiders,After all JaMarcus and Brady Quinn are 2 QBs that don't guarantee success in the pros,both are iffy IMO,McCown has already shown some talent at the pro level.
  2. Dragda

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    I've always liked McCown as well. I think he's a pretty solid pro. I think he'd be much better than Walters or Brooks that they have now.
  3. patsacolachick

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    Okay I'm out of the loop on this one-who does McCown play for now??


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    Detroit Lions
  5. bradmahn

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    Why would they want McCown, don't they have enough receivers already?:)
  6. patriotsdynasty12189

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    Didnt he play receiver against us? Hes not that good....
  7. Don Kipines

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    McCown is a backup at best. No way is he acquired to start. When Mike Martz gives up on a young quarterback, you know he's damaged goods.
  8. WhiZa

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    Yes. He is not the franchise QB they are looking for. McCown would just be a placeholder for Russell.
  9. unoriginal

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    He's not the franchise QB they're looking for, but he is the poor man's Jake Plummer they're looking for.
  10. dryheat44

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    McCown had some big games for the Cardinals when Kurt Warner got hurt. I definitely think he's talented enough to be a starting QB in the NFL if a team would stick with him for more than 4-5 games at a time.

    I think the fact that McCown was able to come in and play WR better than Mike Williams speaks volumes.
  11. TealSox

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    Russell is a risk, in my opinion. Whatever team that picks him might get Carson Palmer or end up with Ryan Leaf. With McCown, you know what you have and while it might not be great, it is proven.

    He has great mobility, which I think he will need with that offensive line. Being able to make plays with your feet, buying time and having some of the best wideouts in the league running routes, I believe will make this offense better than have a big guy with less mobility and the desire to want to make a play. Look at Culpepper. Big QB that tries to make things happen and fumbles the ball all too often. The last thing that team needs is turnovers. If they want to continue that, they could just bring back Brooks.

    Brooks could had been good with the Raiders, but he wasn't getting any help up front. Not to mention, the guy was beat up with the Saints and I can just imagine his moral while behind center. That might be a case for not taking David Carr.

    I'm not saying that the Houston Texans are genius, but the Raiders might need to follow their lead and take a guy with high esteem and ability. If that QB has experience, it seems to be a win win situation.

    Picking Russell or Quinn (which I can't see happening) seems like a desperate move by a team that needs a QB. Would you take either of those guys over Matt Leinart or Vince Young? Maybe not. So they let the quality of the draft and the pressing need to determine their future?

    Take the best player and it will make the team better. Especially when you can get a QB that is proven. Let someone else take a risk on questionable QBs.

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