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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by F-TheRaiders, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. F-TheRaiders

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    After seeing this guy's combine performance, he looks like he could be a steal. Especially considering he split time with both Justin Vincent and Shyrone Carey. The SEC is no joke as far as competition goes. I don't know if will be around at our second pick ( I am guessing no based on his combine performance), But how does this draft scenario sound?

    Rd 1- Ernie Sims LB FSU
    Rd 2- Joseph Addai RB LSU

    Me Likey Alot!
  2. DaBruinz

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    No offense, but Why Ernie Sims? He's not even rated that highly as a prospect and I've seen him listed as a possibility at Safety.

    There would be much more value in someone like Lawson or Greenway for the LB position.
  3. F-TheRaiders

    F-TheRaiders Rookie

    I like greenway alot as well, I like the way sims flys to the ball thats offense taken though... I don't see greenway being available for us...either way I like the combo of a top notch lb and then a guy like addai in rd 2.
  4. Brownfan80

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    If we draft Sims it will not be as a LB, it will be as a Safety, so I don't see it happening. But I do like the guy though. Saw alot of him here in FL and he's a gamer. He flies to the ball, hits well, makes big plays constantly. He's just WAY too small to play LB for the Pats. He'd be a great guy to have as an eventual Rodney replacement, but do we spend a 1st on that kind of project? I doubt it seriously.

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