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    I know nothing about this kid however considering the description from Gilbert who coached both Kaczur and Vollmer he's on to keep an eye on this coming draft.

    New England Patriots Blog - Illinois coach a fan of Pats' Vollmer, Kaczur - ESPN Boston

    So, who's the next Joe Gilbert-tutored lineman the Patriots should draft?

    Gilbert:"We've got a senior here at Illinois named Jon Asamoah. Jon's an interior guy, but he's a lot like [Vollmer and Kaczur]. He's a hard worker, doesn't say much, but he's a smart kid with a 4.0 GPA, and he's got heart, toughness, and he's physical out there on the field. The Patriots have had one or two guys out here to look at him. He'd be a good fit in New England."
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    Looking at our recent Draft/FA history and trending for O-linemen, he's not really a fit.

    We've been getting taller and longer at the Tackle spot, whilst getting smaller and more mobile at Guard - he's 6'5" 315lbs.

    Might be a conversion prospect? Swing G/T?
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    Well, they like what Gilbert's done, so if Gilbert likes a guy, he'll get a look from NE.

    Wouldn't surprise me at all if Gilbert's working for NE at some point soon. . . .

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