Johnson backs off Belichick!

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    By Mike Reiss,
    Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson yesterday described his life as "a little scary, a little unsure, a lot of anxiety, a lot of disappointment, shame," in his first television interview since he told the Globe and the New York Times that his life had been ruined because of concussions suffered while playing football.

    Johnson, who had accused Patriots coach Bill Belichick of forcing him to practice with a concussion in 2002, backed off on that stance a bit in his interview with ESPN's Wendi Nix.

    "I don't want to place blame anywhere," Johnson said. "It probably could all go around, to a little bit of everybody. I can't sit here and honestly say that I think Bill Belichick knew what second-impact syndrome was, and if he put me in there that could potentially happen. I can't sit there and say that. I have to believe he didn't do what he did to intentionally try to hurt me physically."

    Belichick told the Globe last week Johnson should have told him he wasn't able to practice and that the two had worked things out later that season.

    "If I had an opportunity to talk to Bill [now], you know what? Somebody told me one time and it's served me well, resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. It only hurts me," Johnson said. "Bill and I were able to somehow patch it up back then and I'm not going to tell you that sometimes I do not feel some bitterness. At the same time, I also have compassion and understand that people are human. I have to believe he didn't do what he did to intentionally try to hurt me physically."

    The Globe reported Johnson's medical records from the Patriots note a concussion he suffered in an exhibition season game against the Giants in 2002, along with notations that he was not cleared to play. The records also show the subsequent concussion he suffered in practice four days later, when he said he shouldn't have been on the field.
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    There's more than 53 players at practice. What about his position coach?

    Didn't he complain about not being active the same week? Good Luck Ted, I hope you get some help.

    I would think modern players have a lot of support through the union. It's the old timers who get screwed.
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    I've got to say, being the Belichick fan that I am, that Ted needs to realize ultimately only he could have pushed the big red "stop!" button. But think of the position that puts you in. What would be written about him in the press? Every one of us would probably give him one day's pass, and then called him a head case. And if you're a football player and you won't practice, where does that put you? That's right, on the bench. Then off the team. It's just the nature of the beast. Maybe you've faced the "if you can't come to work today, don't bother coming back tomorrow" situation, knowing the next job you get pays 1/10 what you're currently making... I have not.

    I'm not saying Johnson is right in the first place, I'm saying there's huge pressure on these guys too. And what does the NFLPA do to patch up your brain? Okay, so he can have his health issues and diminished capacity in a nice house, with 3 square meals a day, and probably a very nice car... but when you get to cases where people's health is wrecked (once he's not addicted to amphetimines, we'll also see how wrecked he is just from concussions,) I personally feel for the guy, regardless of how he saw it and what he said. When I first saw the TJ stuff, I thought he was a jackass and he was putting blame in the wrong place... now I saw this and I'm just pondering, out of sight out of mind in another week, most likely. But for Ted? "This is your life."

    Out of sight, out of his mind.

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    if i could send hime a msg:

    ''again...good luck Ted ! i wish You all the best !

    you have been a good player for the New England Patriots and personally i always considered you one of my favourites too

    i hope you will re-cover soon and you will have a good life-you are still a young person''

    all the best # 52 !
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    Where is the trainer in all of this? Did not understand how this is decided until heard a lot of talk about it, the Trainer and team dr's decide on who wears the red jersey or not. If BB is not informed of a players injury he has the right and responsibility to question that players desire play for the pats.
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    i really hope there is someone in Johnson's life--a friend, a doctor, a counsellor, whoever--who can tell him to get the help he needs and get out of the spotlight. the media are all too ready to exploit a wounded and emotionally vulnerable guy like this.

    there is plenty of impetus in the league, as well as among current players and retired players, to address the real problems that exist. i sincerely doubt that BB and the Patriots organization were any worse or any better than anyone else in handling this over the years. and, as many current and former players have pointed out in recent days, the players themselves played a role in this drama.

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