Joey Galloway cut by Redskins

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Ron Sellers, Nov 27, 2010.

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    No, this is not one of those 'let's sign this guy' threads. news: Redskins cut veteran WR Galloway, promote rookie Austin

    Actually when I saw him on TV with the Redskins earlier this season I was surprised. I really didn't think he had enough left to warrant a roster spot on any NFL team this season. But as much as Pats fan may not care for Galloway, he did have a pretty good NFL career.

    Joey Galloway NFL & AFL Football Statistics -

    701 Receptions: 8th among active players; 32nd all-time
    10,950 Receiving Yards: 6th for active players, 25th all-time
    77 Receiving Touchdowns: 5th for active players, 23rd all-time
    83 Touchdowns: 5th for active players, 46th all-time
    11,446 Yards from Scrimmage: 11th active, 57th all-time
    12,863 All-Purpose Yards: 7th active, 55th all-time
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