Jim Miller on Passing Camp

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    Follow the link and read it all --- outstanding read!
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    Good read. Jim Miller's a good analyst - articulate, down-to-Earth, heavy on the layman's terms, really spells it out.
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    Jim Miller is on Sirius satelite radio's NFL channel 4-5 times a week. As others have stated, he's excellant and very informative to listen to. With some of the others on there - Pat Kirwin, Solomon Wilcotts, Howard Balzar, etc, it's just a joy to listen to and well worth the cost.
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    “A lot of people think you go up to the line of scrimmage and say ‘down, set, hut!’ but there is a lot more to it, and everything a quarterback says is critical -- whether it’s hand signals, or a verbal audible."

    Watching film from 2006 can you see Brady using a very impolite hand gesture, or should I say finger gesture to Doug Gabriel? Any lip readers?
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    Thanks, Box! Reiss is carving out a nice little genre of taking readers inside parts of an NFL team's process and simply explaining what goes on. Interesting stuff.
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    When I first read the article I planned on posting it here, but decided not to, thinking there'd be minimal interest -- unfortunately I was correct. :(

    Thanks Box for posting a very worthy read. Terrific insight as to how valuable this passing camp will be for the offense. The Pats don't want to struggle early on this season while they wait for the timing to develop between Brady and his receivers. Lots of new faces and only one ball. Will be interesting to see which of the wideouts will click best with Tom.
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    That reminds me of the Bruins back in the early 70s.

    After they got Jacques Plante (who was about 150 at the time), we learned Plante and Carol Vadnais were talking in French while on the ice.

    I thought it was an effort to make Plante feel at home on Garden ice, but I later found out they were cussing each other out! (I was a lot younger then...)

    Live and learn...
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    Speaking of passing (Don't click on the link unless all your security options are up to date, Mike_the_Brit has reported this to be nasty site for visitors)...

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