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    The sites links to its pages still work.

    Lots of fun reading it.

    Welcome to the Jets Haters Home Page!

    Updated 11/30/00
    And This Time, I REALLY Mean ItIt has become apparent to me over the past several weeks that I probably made a mistake when I decided to rescind my “retirement” and come back for another season. I could cite several valid reasons: work, bad Pats team, no more Parcells to kick around, etc., but the real reason that I believe that I made a mistake is that it’s just not fun anymore. The days of good football smack (and talk) are gone. The message board is just a shell of what it used to be. There’s just not much to talk about anymore, except to dwell on another pitiful Patriot performance or try to find a reason to trash the Jets. A rivalry is only good when both teams are competitive, and right now that isn’t the case. It’s no fun to do the updates anymore, and since at last count I had made exactly $0 off this site, if it’s not fun, there’s no reason to continue. </B>​
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