Jets trade Abe to Seahawks for 1st round pick

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. R_T26

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    Jets | Abraham headed to Seattle?
    Fri, 17 Mar 2006 14:15:45 -0800

    Adam Schefter, of, reports there is speculation the New York Jets have traded DE John Abraham to the Seattle Seahawks for the 31st selection in the upcoming NFL Draft. The deal would be contingent on the Seahawks being able to sign him to a long-term deal.
  2. NE_PATS_FAN_54

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    good for get a 1st rounder for abraham is a good deal. not sure how good it is for the seahawks, but w/e.
  3. somejerk

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    I wonder of the Jets use this pick to move up a few spots and grab Leinart from the Saints.
  4. oldrover

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    Helluva deal for Mangini, if it happens. Actually, it's a good deal for both.
  5. PATSNUTme

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    ****! This also means that they gain about $7mil in cap space. Damn those Seahawks.
  6. Chevy

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    Sounds like a draft day trade. The Jets swap with New Orleans, plus give up their 31 and 68. The values work out. I know the talk around here has the Saints trading to 4 or 5 and picking Hawk or Ferguson.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    Abraham has a deal worked out with Atlanta and the Jets have the deal worked out with Seattle, so now Seattle has to cut a deal with Abraham to pull him away from Atlanta, and Atlanta needs to meet the Jets 1st round price now that they've got a buyer.

    Fun and games!

    source NFL Total Access
  8. BionicPatriot

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    ****. If that's the case, good for the Jets. Two first rounders will REALLY help any team out. ****** Seahawks man..
  9. PATSNUTme

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    I just returned from a short visit to Jest Insider. This story is still SPECULATION at this time.

    In fact, Abe does not want to go to Seattle.

    However, they did announce thaty the Jest have traded to Washington for Partrick Ramsey. No details on the trade.
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  10. patchick

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    I've heard this suggested, but I don't see the logic of it. You're sitting at #4, guaranteed to get to get of the following: QB Leinart, RB Bush, DE Williams, LT Ferguson. And you have plenty of holes on your team. And the #2 pick costs a lot more than the #4. And you're going to give away #31 and #68 to move up two slots?
  11. Pats726

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    What a mess!!

    Seahawks | More about Abraham situation
    Fri, 17 Mar 2006 16:01:37 -0800's Len Pasquarelli reports it is not known if the Seattle Seahawks are in contract negotiations with New York Jets franchise free agent DE John Abraham and his representatives. The sense around the league is that Abraham and his agents will try to hold off Seattle and pressure the Jets into a deal with the Atlanta Falcons. The one possibility no one seems to be considering is that the Jets simply retain Abraham and allow the situation to play out over the coming months. There is certainly no urgency to deal Abraham now. As noted earlier, the Falcons have agreed to a new contract with Abraham and the Seahawks have reached a trade agreement with the Jets. That leaves those two teams with half of the equation to acquire Abraham complete.
  12. Pats726

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    More on the mess...either a Special master or an arbitrator...and both the Vikes and Hawks in limbo...
  13. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Did you bathe afterwards? That stench will follow you around for days y'know.
  14. gomezcat

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    It depends how desperate they are to get, say, Leinart. They may think that he is the Franchise QB for the next decade in a way that Cutler or Young just couldn't be. That would be the only justification for doing that and I agree with you that it is too high a price to pay. I personally think that Bush is a number one pick. I'm not sure it will be Houston, though.

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